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Jan. 2, 2019

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Active in the dark

Cats are crepuscular animals. This means that they are most active at dusk and dawn. So don’t be surprised if your cat makes a racket at night!

Even though cats were domesticated thousands of years ago, they kept their predatory instincts. This means that they are still hardwired to chase, pounce, stalk, and jump. Like big cats, small cats like to hunt in the dark, because larger predators that could pose a threat to cats, tend to be less active at night. Since hunting prey takes up a huge amount of energy, cats need a lot of sleep during the day to rest up for their next adventure.

Time for a catnap

Cats experience 2 types of sleep. Either they snooze in a light sleep, or they sleep very deeply. About 75% of the time your cat spends “asleep”, it’s actually dozing. Your cat will pretty much be having a nap, though they will be awake enough to spring into action at a moment’s notice. This is the type of sleep where you might see your cat’s ears twitch or rotate towards noise. Cats can even slip into dozing mode while sitting upright!

Time for a catnap

The other 25% of the time your cat spends asleep, they will be in deep sleep. This type of sleep is vital for the cat’s body to regenerate itself, which helps your feline to stay healthy. Deep sleep is also the type of sleep during which your cat dreams. When you see your cat’s whiskers or paws twitch, there’s a good chance that he or she is dreaming.

Sleeping habits

Have you ever noticed that you will rarely find your cat asleep on the floor? Cats prefer to sleep on higher surfaces, not only to prevent themselves from getting cold, but also to stay out of reach of predators and to keep an overview of their surroundings.

To give your cat this sense of security, the Vesper Base series offers your furry friend multiple platforms that serve as lookout points. Is your cat seeking extra privacy or some shade? The taller Vesper Base towers feature a snug cubed hideaway with memory-foam cushion for some well-deserved peace and quiet. Also, have a look at the Vesper Condo. It has no fewer than 3 different levels, all equipped with soft cushions for the perfect night’s sleep.

When observing your cat’s behavior, you surely will have noticed that most cats tend to nap in the weirdest positions: curled up in a ball, stretched out as far as they can, or even lying on their back! The adorable Vesper Minou – a cat-shaped bench with two openings and a rug for scratching – is perfect for such naps! Just ask our office cat Pixi!

Do you have multiple cats? Make sure to check out the Vesper Cottage and the Vesper Cabana . Both have 2 different levels for lounging in the craziest shapes, and the Cabana even sports a hammock that allows your cat to fully relax.

Sleeping habits

You probably already noticed that cats don’t just use their cat tree for napping, but also for climbing, scratching and playing. Does your cat enjoy a game of peek-a-boo? The Catit Stacking Towers are sturdy yet separable 3-tier play and nap towers that will provide countless hours of fun. Once your cat’s done playing, they can comfily nap inside or fall asleep on the padded top perch while overlooking their kingdom.

For those cats that want to feel like royalty day in day out, the Catit Fluffy Beds are an amazing choice! These beds’ super soft filling and fluffy exterior will quite literally fulfill your cat’s wildest dreams while keeping them warm and comfortably tucked away.