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Vesper Box
Catit Vesper Box
Catit Vesper Box

Catit Vesper Box

Elegant and compact cat trees with open design

The Catit Vesper Box is multi-leveled yet conveniently compact cat furniture with open layout, designed specially to suit your cat’s play, scratch and lounging needs.

Stylish & versatile furniture for cats

Wonderfully compact and open, the Catit Vesper Box offers cats quick and easy access to all of its great features. This multi-levelled cat furniture provides plenty of inviting scratching materials, rattan ball toys and space for relaxation. Catit Vesper Box furniture has a sturdy MDF construction with a classy wood-look laminate finish, and can be renewed with replacement parts to last a lifetime. 

Compact cat furniture with memory-foam cushions and multiple levels

The Catit Vesper Box is named after its compact construction and box-like shape that – unlike most cat trees – lacks platforms sticking out at the sides. This build makes the furniture very suitable for cat parents with a snug living space or a dedicated cat play area. The Catit Vesper Box offers up to 3 levels, so your cat is able to lounge and play at comfortable height. 

The included cushion on the top perch allows for perfect cat naps, as the memory foam inside molds exactly to your cat’s body shape, providing extra support as your feline snoozes away.

Cat trees with memory-foam cushions and multiple levels

Small cat play towers with natural scratching posts and mats

Cat towers with natural scratching posts and mats

The Catit Vesper Box is equipped with multiple, natural scratching options for your cat to safely dig their claws into. The seagrass scratching posts and sisal scratching mats are easily accessible from the various levels. For playful cats and kittens, the included rattan ball toy is great pawing material. 

Compact furniture with open design
Rattan ball toys for play
Natural seagrass scratching posts

Cat trees made for easy cleaning with replaceable parts

Cat trees made for easy cleaning, with replaceable parts

Not to worry when a scratching post, mat, ball toy or cushion gets worn out from use. We offer replacement parts for every one of these Vesper Box parts, so your cat can continue to love on their Vesper Box for the rest of their nine lives.

The cushions and mats on the Vesper Box cat tower are attached with hook-and-loop tape so they’re easy to remove for cleaning. As the furniture has a smooth exterior, cat hair wipes right off, too.

The Catit Vesper Box includes a hex key (Allen wrench) in its packaging for quick assembly. Hang on to the key as you can also use it to install replacement parts later on.

Replaceable parts

For more information on Catit Vesper Box replacement parts, check our official Catit online store in your region or see our Help & Advice page.

Three compact designs

Vesper Box Small

Vesper Box Small packaging

Catit Vesper Box Small

The Vesper Box Small is a cozy, rectangular cat tree that stands at a height of 28.54 in (72,5 cm). With three levels and cubed hideaway at the bottom, your cat has plenty of lounging space. The cat tower includes a seagrass scratching post positioned at comfortable scratching height, a scratching mat on the center platform, and two memory-foam cushions for your cat to relax on. The Catit Vesper Box Small is available in two colors: white and walnut.

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Vesper Box Large

Vesper Box Large packaging

Catit Vesper Box Large

The Catit Vesper Box Large is a 3-level cat tree of 30.7 in (78 cm) high, with open design for easy accessibility. It includes two soft memory-foam cushions and two scratching mats for your cat’s enjoyment. The extra-long seagrass scratching post is great for cats who like to stretch while scratching. The Catit Vesper Box Large comes in a white and walnut finish.

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Vesper Stool

Vesper Stool packaging

Catit Vesper Stool

Small and compact, the Catit Vesper Stool is simply ideal for small cats and kittens. It offers two levels and includes all great Vesper Box features, with seagrass scratching post, sisal scratching mat and rattan ball toy. The Vesper Stool measures 14.5 in (36,83 cm) high and is available in white and walnut colors.

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Product Info

Vesper Box Small
Walnut – #52075
White – #52076

Vesper Stool
Walnut – #52073
– #52074

Vesper Box Large
Walnut – #52077
– #52078


Vesper Box Small: 37 x 37 x 72,5 cm / 14.57 x 14.57 x 28.54 in (WxLxH)
Vesper Box Large: 40 x 50 x 78 cm / 15.75 x 19.69 x 30.71 in (WxLxH)
Vesper Stool: 37 x 46,5 x 37cm / 14.5 x 18.3 x 14.5 in (WxLxH)

Product Features

Compact and versatile design
Multiple levels and lounging spots
Soft memory-foam cushions
Seagrass scratching posts
Sisal scratching mats
High-quality MDF with laminate finish
Easy to clean
Fully renewable with replacement parts

Help & Advice

For help with your Catit Vesper Box, please see our Help & Advice pages.
Vesper Box Small
Vesper Box Large
Vesper Stool

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