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Catit Vesper Minou
Catit Vesper Minou
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Catit Vesper Minou

Cozy cat-shaped bench scratcher

The Catit Vesper Minou provides your cat with a snug hideaway for snoozing as well as an area for elongated scratching, all the while looking cute as a button in your living room. 

Cat-shaped cat furniture

In honor of cats everywhere, we named the Catit Vesper Minou after one of the most popular cat names worldwide. Our Vesper Minou is a compact bench scratcher with a cat-like design featuring cute cat ears. The hideaway with cushion is an excellent lounging spot, and the sisal mat exterior is ideal for your cat to renew their claws on. This Vesper-quality cat house is made of durable MDF with a stylish oak-look laminate finish. 

Vesper Minou packaging
Catit Vesper Minou video

Cat bench with curved sisal scratching mat for extended scratching

This cute cat furniture is covered with a replaceable sisal scratching mat. It is compact yet supports elongated scratching as the scratching mat goes all the way around the bench. If, for instance, you lack space for a towering cat tree, then the Catit Vesper Minou is a convenient piece of furniture to suit your cat’s scratching needs and to prevent them from clawing at your favorite couch.

Cat furniture covered with sisal scratching mat
Extended scratching for cats

Snug cat hideaway with two openings and memory-foam cushion

The Catit Vesper Minou cat house has a hiding place with a front and back opening to make sure your cat can enter and make their exit at any given time. The soft, cozy memory-foam cushion frames your cat’s body shape for optimal comfort and is easy to remove for cleaning.

Cat house with two openings and memory-foam cushion

Cat house with replaceable pompom toy and scratching mat

The Catit Vesper Minou has a furry pompom tail hanging from a rope, held in place with a wooden peg. The pompom’s strands don’t come apart easily, so your cat can relentlessly paw at the fluffy ball while lying down or during a game of peek-a-boo.

When the Minou’s sisal scratching mat, cushion or pompom tail start to wear out from extensive use, we offer replacement parts for each. This way your cat can continue to enjoy their Vesper Minou for a lifetime.

Replaceable parts such as the pompom tail

For more information on Catit Vesper Minou replacement parts, check our official online Catit store in your region or see our Help & Advice page.


Product Info

Vesper Minou – #52101


36 x 36,5 x 40,5 cm /14.17 x 14.37 x 15.94 in (LxWxH)

Product Features

Bench scratcher hideaway with two openings
High-quality MDF with oak-look laminate finish
Cat-like design with ears
Soft memory-foam cushion
Detachable sisal scratching mat
Soft pompom tail on rope with wooden peg
Easy to clean
Spare parts available separately

For help with your Catit Vesper Minou, please see our Help & Advice page.

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