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Catit Vesper Base
Catit Vesper Base
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Catit Vesper Base

High-rising cat trees with cubed hideaway

With multiple observation platforms, cat scratching posts and cozy cat hideaway, the Catit Vesper Base range is an amazing collection of stylish cat trees to accommodate your cat’s daily needs.

Excellent cat towers for lounging, scratching and playing

The Catit Vesper Base series consists of sturdy cat trees with multiple levels to house numerous cats, while featuring iconic cubed dens, ideal for all of your cat’s basic necessities. Thanks to their high-quality MDF structure and wood-look laminate finish, these cat towers put across a stylish and natural look. Catit Vesper replacement parts allow you to refresh any piece that’s worn out from a lifetime of playing, napping and scratching.

Cat towers with multiple levels and great lounging and scratching features

Cat trees with memory-foam cushions for cozy cat dens and lounge platforms

The Catit Vesper Base has a roomy box-shaped cat den with two openings so your cat won’t feel cornered, and during nap time your furry friend will have all the privacy they need.

Cubed cat hideaway

When they are not tucked away in their hideaway, cats love to have an overview of their surroundings and enjoy lounging luxuriously at the top of their world. The elevated platforms make for ideal lookout spots and each platform is sized exactly right for your cat to comfortably lie down on.

The soft memory-foam cushions add a great deal of comfort to the cubed den and observation points, as they take on your cat’s body shape.

Platforms with memory-foam cushion and sisal pad
Kittens in cubed comfy den
Cats lounging on platform with soft memory-foam cushion

High-rise cat towers with natural scratching posts and mats

High-rise cat towers with natural scratching posts and mats

Each Catit Vesper Base is equipped with various scratching options, and your cat will love the pleasant feel of their natural textures. The tall seagrass scratching posts and sisal scratching mats encourage your cat to scratch intensely, so they will steer clear of your furniture.

Cat towers with long natural scratching posts and sisal scratching mats

Easy-to-clean cat furniture with separately replaceable parts

A Catit Vesper Base cat tree is built to last forever, as each individual scratching mat, post and cushion can easily be replaced once they’re worn out. The cushions and scratching mats are secured with hook-and-loop tape for easy removal when cleaning the lounging platforms and hideaway. 

The Vesper Base comes with a hex key (also known as Allen wrench) for assembling the cat tree or switching out parts. Vesper cat furniture is made of high-quality MDF with smooth laminate surfaces that don’t collect cat hair, which is an indispensable feature in keeping the furniture clean.

Memory-foam cushion is easy to remove
Replaceable parts

For more information on Catit Vesper Base replacement parts, check our official online Catit store in your region, or see our Help & Advice page.

Vesper Base

Vesper Base packaging

Catit Vesper Base

The most compact Catit Vesper Base furniture is 33.2 in (84,5 cm) high. This 3-level cat tower consists of a cubed hideaway and a pair of lookout spots, making it the ideal furniture for a small cat household. The Catit Vesper Base is available in walnut and oak-look laminate finish. 

Catit Vesper Base image compilation
Vesper High Base

Vesper High Base packaging

Catit Vesper High Base

Standing at a height of 47.8 in (121 cm), the Catit Vesper High Base is perfectly suited for enjoyment by multiple cats. It has 4 levels and features a cozy cat cave. This Vesper model is available in three stylish shades: walnut, oak and black.

Catit Vesper High Base image compilation
Vesper High Base XL

Vesper High Base XL packaging

Catit Vesper High Base XL

Thanks to its towering height of 62.2 in (158 cm) and no less than 5 stories, the Catit Vesper High Base XL is great for the multi-cat household seeking altitude. Equipped with a hideaway and various lounging platforms, this elegant cat tower with walnut-laminate look will make a charming addition to your home. 

Catit Vesper High Base XL image compilation
Vesper Double

Vesper Double packaging

Catit Vesper Double

Named after its twin cubed dens, the Catit Vesper Double reaches 4 stories high at a height of 40.75 in (103,5 cm). The walnut-look laminate color adds a polished finishing touch.

Catit Vesper Double image compilation


Product Info

Vesper Base
Walnut – #52042
Oak – #52062

Vesper High Base XL
Walnut – #52060

Vesper Double
Walnut – #52048

Vesper High Base
Walnut – #52045
Oak – #52063

Black – #52046

Measurements cat tree

Vesper Base: 33.2 x 22.1 x 22.1 in / 84,5 x 56 x 56 cm
Vesper High Base: 47.8 x 22.1 x 22.1 in / 121,5 x 56 x 56 cm
Vesper High Base XL: 62.2 x 22.8 x 30.5 in / 158 x 58 x 77,5 cm
Vesper Double: 40.75 x 25.5 x 25.5 in / 103,5 x 65 x 65 cm

Product Features

Memory-foam cushions
High-quality MDF with walnut-look laminate finish
Cozy cubed den with two entrances
Multiple and wide observation platforms
Extra-long seagrass scratching posts
Sisal pad scratching mat
Easy to clean
Replaceable parts available

Help & Advice

For help with your Catit Vesper Base, please see our Help & Advice pages.
Vesper Base
Vesper High Base
Vesper High Base XL
Vesper Double

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