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Catit Vesper Treehouse
Catit Vesper Treehouse
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Catit Vesper Treehouse

Multi-level treetop playground for adventure-loving cats

The Catit Vesper Treehouse is a nature-inspired cat play tree with comfy fabric hideaway and hammock perch. At the heart sits the sturdy tree trunk in the form of a thick, natural scratching post. The furniture’s elegant wooden poles make up the tree branches, which you can dress with different toys to keep your cat entertained.

Catit Vesper Treehouse Small

Catit Vesper Treehouse Small

Catit Vesper Treehouse Medium

Catit Vesper Treehouse Medium

Catit Vesper Treehouse Large

Catit Vesper Treehouse Large

Cat activity tree with cozy fabric hideaway and hammock perch

The Catit Vesper Treehouse allows your cat to climb and lounge to their heart’s content in a picturesque setting resembling an actual treehouse nestled in the tree’s branches.

The fabric hideaway offers plentiful privacy as your cat catches up on their beauty sleep, and the inviting hammock is the perfect perch for supervising their domain.

Kittens on the Catit Vesper Treehouse
Kitten in hammock Catit Vesper treehouse

Natural cat scratching post and wooden branches to dress with toys

At the center of the Catit Vesper Treehouse stands a thick sisal scratching post with ideal thickness for scratching as well as climbing. The post is framed by branch-like wooden poles that you can dress with all sorts of fun cat toys to switch up or add challenge to your cat’s Treehouse experience.

Cat sitting on Catit Vesper Treehouse
Extra-thick sisal scratching post

Extra-thick sisal scratching post to claw and climb

Adding toys to the Vesper Treehouse

Enrich your cat’s playtime by adding on different toys 

Kittens on observation platforms

Raised observation platforms with memory foam cushions

Easy-to-clean cat furniture with replaceable parts

The Catit Vesper Treehouse is specially made for easy cleaning – using laminated surfaces you can quickly wipe down, fabric that cat hair doesn’t stick to, and removable cushions with hook-and-loop fastening. And if at any point the materials look worn from your cat’s daily scratching, you can replace the individual pads, posts and cushions with replacement parts.

Replaceable parts
Easy installation
Replacement cushions
Replacement cushions
Cats in Vesper Treehouse Small

Available in three sizes

Catit Vesper Treehouse AR

Try the Catit Vesper Treehouse in your home with augmented reality

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Need help?

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Technical specifications

Product Info

Catit Vesper Treehouse Small

Catit Vesper Treehouse Medium

Catit Vesper Treehouse Large

Product Features

Catit Vesper Treehouse Small: 3-level cat activity tree
Catit Vesper Treehouse Medium: 4-level cat activity tree
Catit Vesper Treehouse Large: 5-level cat activity tree

Extra thick sisal scratching post
Wooden branches to which you can attach toys
Stylish fabric hideaway
Relaxing hammock perch
Soft memory foam cushions
Easy to clean, renewable with replacement parts


Catit Vesper Treehouse Small (WxDxH)
23.2 x 22.6 x 34 in / 59 x 57,5 x 86,5 cm

Catit Vesper Treehouse Medium (WxDxH)
28.3 x 22.6 x 49 in / 72 x 57,5 x 124,5 cm

Catit Vesper Treehouse Large (WxDxH)
28.3 x 22.6 x 64.1 in / 72 x 57,5 x 163 cm

Help & Advice

For help with your Catit Vesper Treehouse, please see our Help & Advice page.

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