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Catit Stacking Towers

Three-level kitten play towers

With their climbable surfaces and comfy hideaways, our three-tier Catit Stacking Towers are the ideal cat towers for playful kittens as they learn to hunt and climb.

Stylish starter cat furniture

Catit Stacking Towers are the perfect starter furniture for young cats learning the ropes. They have a sturdy build with a stylish fabric exterior. With their tasteful, elegant design and a blend of classic colors, the Stacking Towers suit any interior.

Catit Stacking Towers video

Ideal play towers for kittens to explore and climb

The Catit Stacking Tower has a fabric exterior that kittens are able to grip and climb for heaps of fun. Inside of the cat tower are multiple rooms for them to explore, with a little opening on each tier for them to peek through. These fun activities help your playful kitten learn what cats do best – hunt, climb and observe.

Ideal play furniture for kittens
Kitten peeking through tier opening
Play tower comes in two shapes and has openings in each tier
Multiple kittens at the top of Stacking Tower

Highly versatile in use with fun features

The Stacking Tower consists of 3 separate tiers that not only stack up beautifully, but can also be used as individual hideaways. Try setting the parts down in various arrangements to keep your kitten entertained.

The top perch of the Catit Stacking Tower is comfortably padded for your cat to hang out on as they observe their surroundings or catch some sun. The cat tower also makes for an excellent napping space, as it offers plenty of privacy and shade.

Kittens playing and climbing around in 3 stacking tower tiers
Peek-a-boo openings on separately rotating tower tiers

Meow, spotted!

Each level of the Catit Stacking Tower has its own opening. These peek-a-boo openings are great for stimulating play and allow your cat to train their observation skills without feeling confined. By rotating the tower tiers separately, you can change your cat’s scenery as often as you like.

Easy to stack, collapse and store, without tools

No tools needed and easy to assemble

Assembles in seconds

You won’t need any tools or special construction skills to build the stacking tower. By just stacking the blocks, your cat tower is set up in no time.

Stacking Towers are easy to stack and store

Easy to stack and store

If you need to free up some space, you can simply collapse the tower back down for easy storage. The Catit Stacking Towers are also easy to move around if you’d like to switch up your cat’s play area. 

Stacking Tower Round

Round Catit Stacking Tower

A perfectly rounded cat play tower with stylish look, somewhat resembling a lighthouse.

Watch the video

Round Catit Stacking Tower
Stacking Tower square

Square Catit Stacking Tower

Elegant cat play tower with square footprint, for a well-defined aesthetic feel. 

Watch the video

Square Catit Stacking Tower


Product Info

Round Stacking Tower – #42841
Square Stacking Tower – #42842


22.1 x 22.1 x 33.2 in / 56 x 56 x 84,5 cm (LxWxH)

Product Features

Perfect play furniture for kittens
3 tiers (round or square)
Multiple openings so your cat won’t feel trapped
Padded top perch
Made of paperboard and burlap (polyester)
Easy to set up and store (no tools required)
Multi-color (light grey / grey / dark grey)

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