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Catit Vesper Play Furniture
Catit Vesper Play Furniture
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Catit Vesper Play Furniture

Soft foldable play sets with hair repelling fabric 

Catit Vesper Play Furniture is soft and snug, equipped with multiple peek-a-boo openings and areas your cat will have tons of fun exploring. The furniture is made of stylish fabric that doesn’t attract cat hair and includes padded cushions to relax on after play. 

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Soft and sturdy play sets for cats

Catit Vesper Play Furniture is cute and light yet made of strong materials. The play sets have a modern, cheerful design and are super fun for your cat to frolic and play around in as they please, or doze off on the comfortable cushions. Our Vesper Play Furniture range includes sets shaped like a Castle, Rocket and Tunnel, all specially designed for comfortable cat play and exploration.

Soft cat play furniture with stylish hair repelling fabric

Soft cat play furniture with stylish hair repelling fabric

Catit Vesper Play Furniture uses a durable type of fabric that not only looks great, but also doesn’t attract any of your cat’s hair. This wonderful feature helps you keep the furniture clean for longer and also reduces the time spent cleaning.

The Vesper Rocket is a great cat hideaway with openings
Cats playing around in Vesper Tunnel

Features and combinations for an exciting playtime

From soft padded cushions your cat will love lounging on, to furry pompoms and little openings to peek out from, Catit Vesper Play Furniture offer lots of variety for exploration and play. This soft furniture series is weighed down for stability and has rounded edges so your cat can safely enjoy themselves without a care. 

Vesper Play Furniture layouts
Soft padded removable cushions
Kittens asleep in their cozy play furniture
Furry pompom ball

Foldable cat hideaways for quick and easy storage

Catit Vesper Play Furniture are easy to fold up and store in the included storage bag. This enables you to quickly free up space in your living room and just as easily bring it back out again. Assembly is easy and doesn’t require any tools as the various parts can be folded and locked into place. 

Foldable cat hideaways
Play Furniture is easy to store
Easily locked into place
Vesper castle

Catit Vesper Castle

The Catit Vesper Castle is a delightful soft hideaway with 2 levels for your feline royal highness to explore, featuring a movable drawbridge (with break-away strings for safety) and comfy padded cushion. The set includes a weighted base for added stability, mesh screens for ventilation and a convenient storage bag.  

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Catit Vesper Castle image compilation
Vesper rocket

Catit Vesper Rocket

Ready, set, blast off! The Vesper Rocket is a 3-level hideaway for playful and adventurous cats and kittens. To keep the cat rocket from literally taking off, it includes a weighted base for stability. The mesh sides allow for optimal airflow and visibility, so your cat won’t ever feel trapped. 

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Catit Vesper Rocket image compilation
Vesper tunnel

Catit Vesper Tunnel

The Catit Vesper Tunnel is an exceptionally stylish, open-ended cat play tunnel. It has a little peek-a-boo opening in the middle with a plush ball toy hanging on a string. This spot is perfect for cats to observe their surroundings through. If your cat needs some downtime after play, they can unwind on the round padded cushion.

Watch the video

Catit Vesper Tunnel image compilation


Product Info

Vesper Rocket
Blue – #42001
Gray – #42002

Vesper Castle
Blue – #42003

Vesper Tunnel
Blue – #41995
Gray – #41996

Product Features

Made using high-quality, hair repelling fabric
Easy to fold up and store
Easy assembly – no tools required

Vesper Castle
2-story soft cat play furniture
See-through mesh sides for optimal airflow
Weighted base for stability
Movable drawbridge with safety breakaway strings
Includes soft padded cushion 
Includes storage bag

Vesper Rocket
3-story soft cat play furniture
See-through mesh sides for optimal airflow
Weighted base for stability
Includes soft padded cushion and plush ball toy
Includes storage bag

Vesper Tunnel
Soft open-ended cat tunnel
Features plush-rimmed side opening with pompom toy
Includes padded cushion
Plug connectors to attach cushion and to fold tunnel

Help & Advice

Need some help with your Vesper Play Furniture. Find more information on our Help & Advice pages.
Vesper Rocket
Vesper Tunnel
Vesper Castle

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