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Jun. 13, 2022

Catit Vesper Castle

Let your little prince(ss) live the wildest adventures with this soft fabric castle. The roof window allows your kitten to take a swing at dragons flying by, while the moveable drawbridge, which is fitted with breakaway strings for safety, keeps out any unwanted visitors at ground level. A soft cushion, which sits atop a heavy base that stabilizes the Castle, provides the perfect spot for a well-deserved nap.

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Catit Vesper Rocket

Your kitten will be over the moon with this incredible spaceship! The 3 interconnected levels encourage your furry friend to chase and pounce, while the nose cone houses a pompom for added fun. A weighted base helps the Rocket stay upright, while the soft cushion allows cats to dream away after a busy day of space travel.

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Bonus: Catit Vesper Tunnel

Expand your kitty’s Vesper play furniture with this high-quality cat tunnel. Small pegs allow the Catit Vesper Tunnel to be connected to the Catit Vesper Rocket, the Catit Vesper Castle, or both at the same time! What better way to show your kitten that you love them to the moon and back?

Catit Vesper Tunnel

Catit Vesper Minou

This adorable, cat-shaped hideaway is everything your kitten needs! The soft memory foam cushion facilitates the best naps while the scratching mat allows your fluffy friend to get climbing and keep their nails in tip top shape by giving Minou a back scratch.

Catit Vesper Minou

Catit Stacking Tower

Available in 2 shapes, the Catit Stacking Tower is everything a kitten can dream of. Watch as your little ball of fur follows their instinct by scaling the outer walls of the tower, chasing their siblings from floor to floor, and spying on you though one of the many side openings. We promise your kitten will never get bored.

Catit Stacking Tower with kitten
Catit Stacking Towers