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Aug. 16, 2022

Get your cat a vertical scratcher

Some cats just love to stretch their entire body when scratching. For these cats, a tall vertical scratching surface is a must. The Vesper High Base – Walnut and Vesper Double have an extra-long scratching pole while the Vesper Cubo Tower comes with a long and durable scratching mat attached to the side.

Get your cat a horizontal scratcher

Some cats prefer a horizontal scratching surface over a vertical one, and some cats simply like a little variation. The Senses Oval Scratcher allows for horizontal scratching and can be combined with the Catit Senses Circuits to create a fun play center.

Place scratching furniture in front other furniture to distract your cat

When it comes to preventing your furniture from being scratched, diverting your cat’s attention to a spot in which it is allowed to scratch is the key to the secret. The Vesper Minou and Zoo Scratchers are the perfect size to be placed next to your sofa or other pieces of furniture. Minou does not just provide a durable scratching surface, but also gives your cat a cozy cave in which they can lounge or play. This is perfect since cats love to scratch in your vicinity to spread their scent and draw your attention.

Use catnip to entice your cats to scratch

About 65% of all cats love catnip. They go crazy when they smell this delicious goodness. Sprinkling or spraying catnip onto a surface will entice your cat to scratch in that spot. Encourage your cat to scratch on its scratcher to prevent damage to your furniture. Does your cat not respond to catnip? Try silver vine instead!

Catit Canip Range
Catnip Range

Clip your cat’s nails regularly

Clipping your cat’s nails will reduce the urge to scratch and will lessen the damage done when your cat decides to attack your furniture anyway. The Catit Grooming Kits contain a nail clipper that allows you to clip your cat’s nails with great ease.