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Senses Oval Scratcher
Catit Senses Oval Scratcher
Catit Senses Oval Scratcher
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Catit Senses Oval Scratcher

Oval-shaped cardboard cat scratcher

The Catit Senses Oval Scratcher was designed to fit perfectly into the Senses Circuits. Our high-density corrugated cardboard cat scratcher adds an ultimate scratch-and-lounge experience to your cat’s Senses Playground.

A cat scratcher for Senses Circuits

With the Catit Senses Oval Scratcher, you can add a great scratching and lounging spot to your cat’s Senses Playground. This oval-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher will satisfy your cat’s scratching needs and enable them to mark their territory without clawing up your furniture. 

Catit Senses Oval Scratcher video

Oval-shaped cat scratching pad made of durable corrugated cardboard

The Catit Senses Oval Scratcher is a high-density corrugated cardboard scratcher, ideal for long bouts of scratching. Thanks to its large surface, this scratching pad also allows for sleeping and lounging.

The scratcher’s flat, oval shape invites cats to sprawl out on top of the scratcher and spread their scent, which heightens their scratching experience. Our Catit Senses Oval Scratcher is also double-sided, so when one side is worn out, you can flip it around for your cat’s further enjoyment.


Corrugated cardboard scratcher with large surface for lounging
Cat scratcher ideal for uses with Senses Circuits

Cardboard cat scratcher ideal for use with Catit Senses Circuits

The Catit Senses Oval Scratcher was developed to optimally fit the Senses Circuits. The circuit tracks help keep the scratcher in place, while the scratcher adds another dimension of enjoyment to the circuits (and vice versa).  

Includes catnip to encourage your cat to scratch

This Catit Senses Oval Scratcher comes with a pouch of catnip. Just a small amount is enough to invite your cat to play and keep their claws away from your favorite sofa.

When in need of a refill, give our Catit Catnip range a try.

Scratcher comes with catnip to encourage scratching

Senses Playground

Build and switch up your cat’s playground as you see fit, using any combination of Senses toys.

Senses Playground


Product Info

Senses Oval Scratcher – #43170


48.8 x 24.4 x 3.5 cm / 19.2 x 9.6 x 1.3 in (LxWxH)

Product Features

Oval-shaped scratching board for cats
High-density corrugated cardboard
Double-sided scratching pad
White paper rim
Includes a bag of catnip
Fits perfectly in the Catit Senses Circuits (sold separately)

For help with your Catit Senses Oval Scratcher, please see our Help & Advice page.

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