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Catit Senses Design Series

Unique mix-and-match cat toy series specially designed to stimulate your cat’s senses

Many cats are kept indoors these days, leaving them just a small space to discover. As loving cat owners, it’s up to us to satisfy their natural instincts and make sure they don’t grow bored or frustrated. Each Catit Senses toy is designed to stimulate your cat’s unique senses, either separately or in fun toy combinations.

Senses Mushroom

Senses Mushroom

Motion-activated feather toy for cats offering exciting interactive play in 360°.

Senses Ball Dome

Senses Ball Dome

Energy-efficient motion-activated cat toy with tilting plate and screw-open ball.

Senses Circuits

Adjustable circuit ball toys with easy-click system. Easy to expand and combine with Senses toys.

Senses FIreball

Senses Fireball

Paw-activated flashing LED ball for Senses Circuits. Enables nighttime play, with replaceable batteries.

Senses Wellness Center

Senses Wellness Center

360° relaxation spot with massagers and brushes, a gum stimulator and ergonomic lounge spot.

Senses Oval Scratcher

Senses Oval Scratcher

High-density double-sided corrugated cardboard scratcher with perfect fit for Senses Circuits.

Senses Grass Planter

Senses Grass Planter

Unique planter for optimal cat grass growth with stable design to prevent digging and knock-overs.

Senses Grass Kit

Senses Cat Grass Kit

Kit containing 3 batches of seeds and vermiculite to easily grow your own cat grass.

Senses Food Tree

Senses Food tree

Stable tree-shaped slow feeder with 4 levels and multiple openings to encourage slow-paced eating.

Senses DIgger

Senses Digger

Interactive slow feeder with multiple cups for digging out small amounts of cat food.

Senses Treat Puzzle

Senses Treat Puzzle

Interactive slow feeder with 6 puzzle layouts to hide treats in.

Senses Treat Spinner

Senses Treat Spinner

Spinning top with soft paw openings and intricate cat treat spaces for dynamic play.

A sensational world of play with Catit Senses

Catit Senses toys enrich your cat’s playtime in different ways, through visual cues, pleasant textures, sounds that need investigating, and many more.


Sprinkle a little bit of the complementary catnip onto your cat’s Senses toys and see how their interaction with the toy changes when they’ve picked up on the pleasing aroma.


Just wait until your cat gets a hold of the delicious kibble stashed inside of their Catit Senses Food Tree, or the treats hidden away at the center of their Food Puzzle.


There’s nothing quite as exciting to your feline predator than a game of peek-a-boo. As soon as your cat has spotted the little feather popping out of the Catit Senses Mushroom, the hunt is on.


Multi-textured toys such as the Senses Wellness Center are greatly enjoyable to cats big and small. All Catit Senses toys are inviting to play with, or scratch, and have rounded edges for your cat’s sensitive paws. 


Cats’ ears instantly perk up at sounds like the thrilling woosh of the little ball speeding through their Catit Senses circuit, or the rewarding clatter of treats falling out of the Senses Digger cups. 

The exciting, expandable cat playground that looks great in your home

By changing their toy set-up regularly, we can engage our cats both mentally and physically. Catit Senses toys can be mixed and matched in any combination, and have one fresh, green style that fits any home interior.

Senses playground
Help & Advice on Catit Senses toys

Help & Advice on Catit Senses toys

See our Help & Advice section for detailed guides and answers to any question you may have related to your Catit Senses toy.