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Senses Treat Puzzle
Catit Senses Treat Puzzle
Catit Senses Treat Puzzle
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Catit Senses Treat Puzzle

Slow feeder for cat treats with 6 puzzle activities

The Catit Senses Treat Puzzle combines 6 activities on one feeding tray. Each area of this interactive slow feeder keeps your cat’s mealtime challenging and exciting.

Cat treat puzzle for 6 times the fun!

The Catit Senses Treat Puzzle is an interactive slow feeder with 6 varied layouts to make your cat’s feeding time more challenging and playful. The feeding tray consists of a white base with translucent green covers, made of BPA-free materials.

Catit Senses Treat Puzzle video

Interactive slow feeder for cats to encourage healthy and playful feeding

The Catit Senses Treat Puzzle provides your cat with 6 fun challenges during mealtimes, which makes the experience more stimulating and rewarding for them. In doing so, this cat treat toy also helps alleviate boredom.

Its interactive design triggers your cat’s natural hunting instincts in a fun way. With this slow feeder, your cat will eat at a much healthier pace and be less likely to overeat and throw up food.

Cat pawing at treats in treat puzzle tunnels

Cat treats hidden in 6 unique treat puzzle layouts

Simply insert some of your cat’s dry food or treats into the various areas and your cat will be pawing at the Catit Senses Treat Puzzle in no time. Each puzzle has its own unique shape and adds to the toy’s appeal.

Six different activities with hidden treats
  1. The Treat Tubs are five deep, bean-shaped containers arranged in a flower-like layout.
  2. In the Pyramid Forest, cat treats fall between the pyramid-like pikes.
  3. The Treat Cave has a green translucent cover with side openings to paw out kibble from all sides.
  4. With its tricky dented pattern, the Slow Feeder Bubbles make for some exciting mealtimes.
  5. The four Tunnels are tubes with green translucent covers to push treats through.
  6. The Food Spiral challenges your cat to move their food along a coil-shaped path.

Different feeding activities to challenge your cat on their level

Every treat area comes with its own challenge. Try figuring out which activity your cat finds less or more challenging by observing where treats remain untouched, and where they have vanished. If your cat seems to struggle with certain areas or needs more of a challenge, try starting off with easy activities or vary the activity by placing treats in a particular location on the Catit Treat Puzzle.

Food Spiral filled with cat treats
Treats hidden in the Pyramid Forest
Cat pawing at treats in Treat Cave
Cat pawing at hidden treats in Slow Feeder Bubbles
Senses Treat Puzzle overview image

Senses Playground

Build and switch up your cat’s playground as you see fit, using any combination of Senses toys.

Senses Playground


Product Info

Catit Senses Treat Puzzle – #43010

Measurement & Weight

Dimensions: 16.4 x 16.4 x 3.94 in / 40 x 40 x 8 cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 700 grams

Product Features

Interactive slow feeder
Features 6 activities to stimulate and entertain your cat:
Treat Tubs • Pyramid Forest • Treat Cave • Slow Feeder Bubbles • Tunnels • Food Spiral
White opaque base and translucent green covers
Made of BPA-free plastics
Easy to disassemble and clean

For help with your Catit Senses Treat Puzzle, please see our Help & Advice page.

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