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Senses Wellness Center
Catit Senses Wellness Center
Catit Senses Wellness Center
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Catit Senses Wellness Center

Multi-purpose relaxation spot with catnip

With a wide range of massagers and brushes, the Catit Senses Wellness Center is the optimal relaxation hub for any cat’s grooming needs with additional catnip to enhance their experience.

Chilling at the wellness

The Catit Senses Wellness Center is a cat-friendly chillaxing area for your furry friend to lounge around while getting their much-needed fill of care. This includes grooming ridges and massage stations to scratch their itches, a gum stimulating nub to gnaw on, a padded cushion, and catnip for some top-notch relaxation.

Catit Senses Wellness Center video

All-around relaxation experience with catnip

Thanks to the various textures and brushes, cats can use the Catit Senses Wellness Center to get to those hard-to-reach areas on their neck, face and body that they want scratched. Have your cat lie down on the cushion and let them unwind as they see fit.

Cat rubbing themselves on the Wellness Center

Catnip experience

The Catit Wellness Center includes a pouch of dried catnip, which can be sprinkled overtop the green massager or on the massage ridges for extra enjoyment. Cats sensitive to catnip will temporarily enter a state of bliss, in which they are more mellow and relaxed, and thus all the more receptive to the Catit Senses Wellness Center’s features. Catnip spray works equally great. Simply apply a light coating on the cushion for your cat to enjoy.

We recommend using the toy with low doses of catnip at first and gradually building from there if needed, as some cats can get over-excited and gnaw a bit too aggressively on the gum stimulator. If you think your cat is overdoing it and may hurt themselves, reduce the amount of catnip and remove the gum stimulator entirely. 

Cat rubbing themselves on the Wellness Center

Ergonomic base with variety of massage and grooming features

Cat rubbing against ergonomic base with massage ridges

Ergonomic base with massage ridges

The Catit Senses Wellness Center was designed for optimal comfort with ripple-shaped massage ridges on both sides. Your cat can rub against these ribs for a relaxing massage. The massage ridges are easily accessible and always within your cat’s reach.

Flexible brushes for cat grooming

Gray-colored brushes

Flexible brushes for grooming

Catit Senses Wellness Center has two durable brushes that allow your cat to groom to their heart’s content and help them keep their coat clean and looking fabulous.

Green massager top for head, neck and face

Top green massager

Versatile top massager

The green massager situated at the top of the Catit Wellness Center is perfectly sized and positioned for your cat’s head, neck, and face rub-down.

Cat gnawing on gum stimulator for dental hygiene

Gum stimulator on top

Gum stimulator to support dental hygiene

The gum stimulator is a textured nub to help your cat clean their gums and teeth; this helps prevent bad breath and toothaches. You can encourage your cat to gnaw on the gum stimulator by sprinkling some catnip over the top massager.

Cat relaxation with a soft, padded lounge cushion

Thanks to the green, padded cushion, your cat can lie down comfortably or just relax in between grooming sessions. The hook-and-loop adhesive strips keep the cushion in place and make it easy to remove from the Catit Senses Wellness Center.

Cat relaxing on the Senses Wellness Center

Senses Playground

Build and switch up your cat’s playground as you see fit, using any combination of Senses toys.

Senses Playground


Product Info

Senses Wellness Center – #43153

Product Features

Ergonomic base with massage ridges
Top massager for head, neck and face
Two durable brushes for grooming
Includes gum stimulator for massaging and cleaning teeth and gums
Includes a removable padded cushion with hook-and-loop adhesive strips
Anti-skid ring on bottom
Includes a pouch of dried catnip
Made of BPA-free materials

For help with your Catit Senses Wellness Center, please see our Help & Advice page.

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