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Catit Self Groomer
Catit Self Groomer
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Catit Self Groomer

Mountable cat brush with catnip compartment

Mount the Catit Self Groomer at your cat’s height to allow them to groom themselves whenever they please, helping to reduce shedding. The brush collects loose cat hairs and has a built-in catnip compartment for extra stimulation.

Constant grooming pleasure for your cat

With the Catit Self Groomer, your cat can literally walk by and enjoy a quick brushing session whenever they feel like it, keeping their fur coat looking nice and shiny. The brush will catch the loose cat hair in the process, which in turn helps keep your home free of excess cat fluff.

Mountable cat brush designed for self-grooming

Thanks to its special design, the Catit Self Groomer can be mounted on flat walls and corner surfaces alike. You can fix the brush at the specific height most comfortable for your cat, using the adhesive strips included. The brush holder can also be mounted using screws (not included).

Cat grooming themselves
Mountable on flat walls and corner surfaces
Flexible brush detangles your cat's coat and collects loose cat hairs

Fine brush collects loose cat hair

The Catit Self Groomer has a durable, flexible brush that helps keep your cat’s coat soft and tangle-free, retaining loose hairs as they groom themselves. To clean the brush, you can simply take it out of its holder and push it back in afterwards.

Built-in catnip compartment to encourage grooming

To encourage your cat to frequently use the brush and get into the habit of self-grooming, the Catit Self Groomer includes a pouch of dried catnip. Sprinkle some catnip into the perforated compartment at the side of the brush for the herbs to take effect. For refills, we offer a range of high-quality Canadian catnip, sold separately.

Integrated catnip compartment to encourage grooming


Product Info

Self Groomer – #43152


5.2 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches; 2.82 Ounces / 13.2 x 9.6 x 5.8; 79.95 grams

Product Features

Self-groomer with detachable brush
Helps remove and collect loose cat hairs
Easy to mount on flat walls or corner surfaces
Includes adhesive strips and supply of dried catnip
Easy to disassemble and clean
Made of BPA-free materials

For help with your Catit Self Groomer, please see our Help & Advice page.

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