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Please note that the app features below can only be accessed once you set up your Catit PIXI Smart Fountain and paired it with the app as shown in our Quick Start Guide

Continue reading to learn about each of the app’s features, or use one of the quick-links below to jump ahead: 

1. Overview

Select your Catit PIXI Smart Fountain on your app’s home screen to get an overview of its features and status. Don’t see any devices listed in your app? Please add your Catit PIXI Smart Fountain first. 

PIXI App overview

2. When to replace the filter

The Catit PIXI app will alert you when it’s time to replace the filter (once every 30 days). Manually reset the counter in your PIXI app once you have replaced the filter.

Tip: Enable notifications in your phone settings to also receive reminders outside of the app. 

Filter replacement

3. When to clean the pump

Every 60 days, the Catit PIXI app will help remind you to clean the fountain pump. Manually reset the counter in your PIXI app once you are done cleaning.

Tip: To also receive reminders outside of the Catit PIXI app, go to your phone settings and enable notifications

Pump maintenace
PIXI App Pump maintenance 2

4. Energy-saving mode

Toggle the switch to (de)activate energy-saving mode. This mode will make the fountain run for 5 minutes and afterwards pause it for 15 minutes to save power.

Energy-saving mode

5. UV-C water clarification

The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain will automatically clarify the water for one hour, once every 7 hours. It is also possible to start the water clarification process manually by simply toggling the ‘Start UV-C Water Clarification’ switch.

PIXI App UV-C water clarification

6. Timer

You can set a timeframe during which the fountain should be operational. The fountain will be inactive for the rest of the day.

PIXI App Timer

7. Power

Tap this button to turn off the fountain pump. Make sure to select ‘yes’ when asked to confirm.

PIXI App Power

8. Guide

When tapping the question mark button, you get a brief overview of the different LED color alerts and their meaning.

PIXI App Guide

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We’ve shown you all Catit PIXI Smart Fountain app features. 
If at this point you’re wondering how to share your device with a friend or family member, you’ll find all steps explained in our Quick Start Guide.