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Jun. 9, 2023

Step 1 of 5 – Assembling your smart device

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1.1 What to do first
1.2 How to assemble
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1.1 Rinse before use

Before assembling the drinking fountain, we recommend rinsing the filter and the pump parts thoroughly, for optimal efficiency later on. Click the links for detailed instructions on each.

1.2 How do I assemble the Catit PIXI Smart Fountain?

If you’ve finished the above preparations, you’re ready to start assembling your Catit PIXI Smart Fountain.

Read on below the assembly video for detailed instructions, or download the instruction manual.


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Attach the pump

First connect to the fountain by lining out the prongs and ridges, and screwing on the safety cap. Once this cap is screwed tightly in place, never unscrew it, not even when cleaning your pump. If moisture gets into the connector, the fountain is likely to sustain permanent damage. Next, attach the silicone tube to the pump outlet.

Connect the pump by lining out the prongs and ridges
Screw on the safety cap
Attach the silicone tube to the pump outlet

Rinse all fountain parts and insert filter

Next, clean all fountain parts using dish soap and a wet cloth, rinsing abundantly to remove any soapy residue. Make sure to rinse the filter, and insert it with pockets facing down in the filter tray, before attaching the tray to the fountain top.

Clean the PIXI Smart fountain
Rinse the new PIXI filter of the PIXI Smart Fountain
Place the PIXI Filter in the PIXI Smart Fountain

Lower the fountain top

Next, attach the silicone tube to the fountain top, ensuring the pump hangs level. Lower the fountain top onto the water reservoir, and place the stainless steel cover over the top. Do so with care, as steel edges can be sharp.

Attach the pump of the PIXI Smart fountain
Lower the fountain top
place the stainless steel cover over the top

Insert the spout accessory (optional)

Simply place the spout in the top opening of the fountain and press down firmly until you feel it lock into place. When the fountain is powered on, the spout will create an arched waterflow for your cat to drink from. Point the spout in the preferred direction by rotating it left and right, and pull up to remove the spout when desired. The spout accessory can also be inserted or removed while the pump is running.

Spout accessory PIXI Smart Fountain

Fill the reservoir 

Fill the fountain reservoir with water until it is about half full. With dry hands, attach the power cord to the USB adapter. The adapter included with the Catit PIXI Smart fountain will match the standard type of adapter for your country. Place the fountain in the preferred location, and plug it into the electrical socket. Top up the water level until the maximum is reached (top of the water level window).

fill fountain reservoir
running PIXI Smart Fountain
Add extra water while running

Step 1 completed! – Continue to step 2: downloading the PIXI app

Find out how to download the PIXI app on the PIXI Smart Fountain Getting Started page. Have you already downloaded the app onto your phone? Move to step 3.