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May. 25, 2021

Affectionate yet independent

Cats make excellent pets for busy families. They require less attention from their owners than dogs do and are more independent. Cats, for example, take themselves on walks and do their business in a litter box.

In addition, cats can also be loving and attached to their owners, immensely enjoying being petted and played with. A cat will be a part of the family for many years, bringing unconditional love and joy on a daily basis. So why should you get one? Well, cats are not just good for your health, but their affectionate nature means you will get a friend for life. There is something unique about cats, which is difficult to describe, but we’ll try anyway…

Cats are very popular companion animals, and with good reason!

Your health

Having a pet is good for your health. It’s long been proven that owning a pet reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, and that pet owners are less at risk for heart disease than people with no pets. Some studies have even claimed that children who grow up in households with pets are less prone to developing allergies than children living in a pet-free household. Pet cats can also greatly benefit a person’s psychological wellbeing. Did you know that a cat’s companionship can encourage people to achieve their life goals, which can range from weight loss, to recovering after an injury and from gaining self-confidence to coping with trauma.

Having a pet is good for your health

The charm of cats

Throughout the ages, cats have fascinated many different cultures and these poor animals often were the subject of many superstitions and legends. If you get yourself a pet cat, you’ll quickly understand that cats have a mysterious side to them, which has charmed humans over the centuries. Our furry felines continue to fascinate us, which is evidenced by the fact that cats are one of the most popular topics on the Internet. Our office cat Pixi even has her very own Instagram account!

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The charm of cats