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Sep. 6, 2022

What is taurine?

Taurine is a natural amino acid. Most mammals can create taurine inside their bodies by combining amino acid building blocks that they get from eating foods that don’t contain taurine. A cat’s body, however, cannot make this puzzle, which is why our feline friends need to eat foods that are rich in taurine such as fish and meat. In the wild, cats get plenty of taurine from the prey they devour, but since some commercial cat foods do not contain enough meat, a little taurine is sometimes added to them to make sure cats stay happy and healthy.

Happy and healthy cat

What if my cat doesn’t get enough?

Cats need sufficient taurine to keep their digestive tract, vision, heart muscle function, and immune system in tip-top condition. Want to make sure your cat gets enough? Scan the cat food packaging and make sure it contains at least 230mg of taurine per kg of cat food. What makes a deficiency so dangerous, is that the symptoms only appear gradually and can easily go unnoticed until irreparable damage has been done. In a worst-case scenario, a taurine deficiency can lead to irreversible vision loss, reproductive problems, or even dilated cardiomyopathy – a highly dangerous form of heart disease.

A balanced meal is key

To prevent a taurine deficiency, make sure your cat gets a balanced diet. Simply check your cat’s food bag to ensure you are feeding your feline a so-called ‘complete’ food – one that contains all nutrients needed. Both Catit Nuna and Catit Gold Fern are excellent and 100% complete dry foods for cats, while Catit Dinner is our ultra-tasty wet food for cats. Our Catit Divine Shreds are an excellent source of vital taurine, but are not a complete food, which means that they should be fed in addition to other cat food.

A balanced meal is key

The danger of homemade meals

Some cat parents prefer to create their own meals for their feline, using human-grade ingredients. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to create meals that hold all the nutrients your cats need, especially in the right amounts. Many homemade diets don’t contain enough taurine, and fully vegetarian as well as vegan diets are downright dangerous since taurine can almost exclusively be found in animal-based protein sources such as fish, insects, beef, poultry, etc.

The danger of homemade meals

Catit helps prevent taurine deficiencies

All Catit cat food contains plenty of taurine. This goes for our wet food as well as our dry food. And then there’s Catit Creamy. If you are looking for a healthy treat that is rich in taurine, Catit CreamyCatit Creamy is just what you need! This delicious lickable treat is an excellent addition to your cat’s daily diet and contains up to 4 times the minimum amount of taurine your cat needs, keeping your feline happy and healthy.