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Oct. 19, 2022

Pumpkin supports digestion

Pumpkin packs a ton of fiber, which is a blessing for your cat’s digestive health. The fibers in your favorite fall fruit help cat hair move along your feline’s stomach and intestines, preventing the poor animal from coughing up hairballs. In addition, pumpkin fibers are very absorbent and add bulk to your cat’s feces – which makes them perfect for resolving diarrhea as well as constipation.

Vitamins and minerals

Pumpkins contain calcium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E – a combo of ingredients that will boost your cat’s immune system, support their vision, and make for a healthier skin. Pumpkins do contain a lot of moisture too, keeping your cat happy and hydrated.

Pumpkins aid with weight loss

Is your cat on a diet? We know most cats don’t take kindly to dietary food, but pumpkin can help with that! The delicious squash contains few calories, but the fiber still keeps your kitty satisfied between meals. This is also a benefit for you, as your cat will no longer beg you for in-between snacks during the day (and night).

Is all pumpkin safe to feed my cat?

Not all pumpkin is good for you cat. After all, far from all types of squash are edible, and pumpkin-related foods meant for humans often contain way too much sugar, or other harmful ingredients. You should, for example, never feed your cat leftovers from a jack-o-lantern, as parts may be rotten, or it might contain harmful chemicals from the candle that burned inside. To be on the safe side, only feed your cat plain, canned pumpkin and make sure to thoroughly mix it as pumpkin can be very stringy.