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Jul. 22, 2021

Keep dust bunnies out of your house

Shedding is a natural process and there is little you can do to stop this. You can, however, partially control where the loose hair ends up by brushing your cat frequently during shedding season. The lid of the Catit Grooming Kits can be used as a temporary storage container for loose cat hair. Simply place the tufts of hair inside the container and empty the content in the rubbish bin later. Depending on the density of your cat’s fur, you should groom your beloved feline anywhere between once a week and once a day.

Keep dust bunnies out of your house

My cat flees when I try to brush them. What can I do?

If your cat hates being combed or brushed, try to distract them with their favorite snack. Catit Creamy is a healthy, lickable treat that works like a charm. This hydrating snack comes in a handy tube and is perfect for keeping your cat busy. Ask a friend or a family member to hold the treat, so you can groom away while your cat enjoys their snack. 

The safest way to restrain your kitty is the ‘purrito’ technique, which is especially useful for washing or grooming the rear end or head. You can make a ‘purrito’ by wrapping a towel around your cat, making sure the front paws are trapped inside and ensuring the towel is wrapped tight enough to stop your kitty from wriggling around too much.

Grooming your cat in a comfortable position

Most people put their cat in their lap to groom the animal. Did you however know that it is much easier to have your cat at your level when taking care of their coat? Ideally, you should make your cat lay down on a table, so they feel high up and safe. If your cat isn’t into grooming, it would be best to wait until your pet is a little sleepy. A non-skid mat can help prevent your cat from sliding off. Make sure to have your Catit Grooming Kit ready when you put your cat on the table. Never force a cat in a certain position. If your cat is more comfortable with being groomed while sitting in your lap, don’t hesitate to do so!


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A few other tips to make the process a little smoother

  • The best time to groom your pet is when they are relaxed, usually after a long walk or play time.
  • Keep your first grooming session short until your pet becomes comfortable with the grooming tools.
  • If you’re going to bathe your pet, use a gentle shampoo formulated specifically for dogs or cats (human shampoo is too harsh for their delicate skin).
  • Play with your pet’s paws while you’re both watching TV or doing something relaxing, this will get your pet used to the touch. When doing nail clippings, start with only a few nails at a time, this will cause your pet the least amount of stress.
  • Positive re-enforcement is key! Praise your pet throughout the process, use a calming voice and don’t forget to give them a treat when they are done.

Help, my cats have mats!

Mats, they are the worst nightmare of many cat owners. Mats occur when cat hair becomes tangled and sticks together. To remove these nasty and painful chunks of matted fur, you can use the Catit long dematter tool, which is included in the Catit Longhair Grooming Kit. If your cat has severe mats or is aggressive or extremely fearful when the mats are being touched, it might be better to take the cat to a groomer to have their fur shaven off. However, please bear in mind that regularly shaving your cat’s fur will impact the coat quality, so consider shaving only as the final option and try to reduce mats by grooming your cat on a daily basis.