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Nov. 3, 2022

Supervise interaction

For the safety of both your child and your cat, always supervise the interaction between them, especially when your child is under 6 years old. At such a young age, kids don’t understand that being rough with kitty might annoy or hurt the poor animal, potentially causing it to lash out.

Cats and babies

Cats and babies are an adorable combination, but also a dangerous one. Kitty might want to join your baby for a warm nap, accidentally suffocating the little one by lying on their head or chest. Therefore, you should never ever allow your cat to be around your baby unless you are supervising them very closely.

Cats and toddlers

Kids between the ages of 1 and 3 have just started to explore the world, often doing so by sticking random things in their mouth and grabbing anything they can get hold of, like your cat’s ears or tail. As your feline friend might not be fond of this behavior, they will surely appreciate a place of their own where they can escape all the hustle and bustle. Our sturdy Catit Vesper cat trees provide cats with a comfy hideaway as well as plenty of room to sit up high, out of reach of little kids. Also, make sure your kid can’t get to the contents of the cat litter box – no need to explain why.

Cats and preschoolers

Kids between the ages of 3 and 5 are old enough to understand that kitties need to be treated gently. No pulling ears or tails, no picking up kittens by the scruff, and no chasing. In fact, there are few things cuter than watching your cat and your kid have fun together. The Catit Senses items can be connected to one another to provide a giant playground that helps your feline friend and your child interact. Just don’t forget to provide your cat with a space to get away from it all, which you can do with our Catit Vesper Cat Trees and cat furniture.

Cats and gradeschoolers

Teaching children between the ages of 5 and 12 how to be kind to a cat shouldn’t be too hard. Did you know that cat treats are amazing tools to gain any cat’s trust? Catit Nibbly treats come in various textures and flavors to please any kitty. Our Catit Creamy lickable cat treats have the added benefit that your child can hold the tube, keeping their hands clean while your cat enjoys their delicious snack! In addition, have you ever thought about teaching your son or daughter how to speak cat? Our dedicated Spotlight article gives you valuable insights in what your cat is trying to tell you.