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Jul. 27, 2021

Designed for all cats

The Catit PIXI products are a true tribute to cats big and small. We took the natural charm and grace of our feline friends, added a dash of cuteness, and combined those into quirky products with a stylish, uniform look. This doesn’t mean that all Catit products will suddenly have ears or whiskers, but the fun cat-like style is definitely here to stay under the PIXI umbrella.

PIXI product nose design
PIXI product paws design
PIXI product ear design

Who is Pixi?

The Catit PIXI product range was named after our very own office cat, Pixi. We adopted her from a shelter in 2016, and she has been our chief product tester as well as a source of inspiration ever since. Pixi’s presence puts a smile on the face of everyone in the office, just like our products will make you and your cat happy.


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Talk of the town

Cat products such as drinking fountains, feeding bowls and cat toys are often placed in the kitchen or living room, making them a permanent part of your home interior. Thanks to their stylish look, Catit PIXI products fit in right away and will soon become a conversation starter with friends and family – or not, as the adorable cat-like design immediately makes clear who these products belong to.

PIXI products stylish design

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Catit PIXI Smart Design Series

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PIXI Design Series

Catit PIXI Design Series

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