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Jan. 3, 2024

More quality time please!

Many people have so much going on in their head that they barely find a free moment to spend with their cat(s). You might have never really thought about this, but as their owner, you’re probably the most precious creature your feline friend has ever met! This is especially true if you have just one cat that stays indoors without a pet buddy. So, the least we can do is spend some valuable quality time with our feline friend, right? Get ready to give your cat some extra pets and cuddles – unless they are not the touchy type, of course.

Let’s have some fun!

A healthy mind in a healthy body! Cats need some degree of activity to get rid of pent-up energy. Do you think your cat is a destructive little devil? Add some daily playtime to your cat’s routine and you’ll soon notice that they will largely leave your precious sofa and curtains alone. So, instead of rewarding your cat with too many treats, reward them with some extra playtime! This not only saves your belongings from sharp claws and teeth, and benefits your cat’s physical health, but it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. As playing can be exhausting, always provide your cat with fresh – preferably running – water to rehydrate. The Catit Drinking Fountains are perfect for that!

Good food, good life

Since we all want a long and healthy life for our pets, it’s absolutely worth considering switching your cat to a higher-quality food. Good cat food should have real meat as the first ingredient, and the packaging should mention that the food is complete – which means that it contains all the nutrients your feline friend needs. Are you looking for some advice on how to get your cat used to new food? Check out our tips & tricks!

Maintain proper hygiene

We must admit, it’s easy to forget those small, pesky tasks such as brushing your cat, clipping their nails, cleaning their litter box, giving them a treatment to prevent worms, etc. Now that you can take a fresh start (new year, new you, remember?), it would be a great idea to write down those tasks on a calendar or set reminders in your phone. A task that you might want to add to the list is brushing your cat’s teeth, since this helps prevent gum disease. Just make sure to use special toothpaste for cats.

Learn to understand your cat

As cats are complex creatures, it can be hard to know what’s going on in their mind. Luckily, we wrote various super interesting articles that will help you to understand your feline’s language much better. Find out what your cat is trying to tell by meowing, and learn how your cat uses their tail to communicate

Reduce stress

Cats are true creatures of habit, and anything that disturbs their routine can stress them out, even if it’s just friends or family coming over for dinner. To prevent your cat from becoming anxious, it’s important to give them enough opportunities to maintain their habits and hide from things they find scary. Luckily, a simple cat tree with at least one hideaway can be a great help in doing so. It gives cats the possibility to shelter in one of those comfy dens, to overlook their territory from a safe height, and to let off some steam on the scratching posts. Does your cat however still look stressed or uncomfortable? Make sure to contact your vet for advice.