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Dec. 5, 2022

Catnip is a green herb that can often be found in its dried form inside plush cat toys. When the stems, leaves, or flowers of this plant are crushed, they release a scent that can cause cats to become euphoric. Unfortunately, about 1 in 3 cats doesn’t respond to catnip, though high-quality catnip like the Canadian one used in our Catit catnip products is more likely to trigger a response.

The illusive one: Tatarian honeysuckle

Have you never heard of this plant? You’re definitely not alone. Tatarian honeysuckle is an unremarkable shrub that is native to Eurasia and bears pink-reddish flowers. The wood of this plant affects cats in the same way catnip does. However, research has shown that only about half of domestic cats responds to this illusive wood, which is probably why you won’t find it in your pet store.

The one that helps you relax: valerian root

Valerian is known as a remedy that helps us humans relax and sleep. The effects of valerian root on cats are very different though. While some cats do indeed mellow down, many others become playful or even hyperactive. However, only about half of the domestic cat population responds to Valerian root.

The one that’s a kiwifruit: silvervine.

The silver vine is a plant of the kiwifruit family that brings happiness to cats coming near it. The Japanese refer to the euphoric behavior that cats display after sniffing the plant as “the matatabi dance”, which is why silver vine products for cats are sometimes referred to as matatabi. Almost 80% of cats respond positively to silver vine, so if you’re looking for a way to make your cat happy and playful, this just might be it! Make sure to check out our Catit Catnip and Silvervine products in our product section.