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Smartsift litter box
Catit Smartsift
Catit Smartsift

Catit Smartsift

Convenient litter box with handy lever to remove waste

The Catit Smartsift has a user-friendly lever that can be pulled to effortlessly remove waste clumps and refresh your cat’s litter box without needing to scoop.

Innovative litter box with lever that scoops the litter for you

With the Catit Smartsift, scooping your cat’s litter is a thing of the past. By pulling the lever on the side of the litter box, your cat’s waste is efficiently removed and dropped into the pull-out waste bin below. The clean, sieved litter is poured back into the litter box.

This highly convenient litter sifting feature is noiseless as it doesn’t involve any motorized or electrical parts. The Catit SmartSift is suitable for use with all clumping cat litters.

Litter box with lever to remove waste clumps and refresh litter
Sifting system by pulling the lever
Waste clumps fall into pull-out waste bin

Spacious cat-friendly litter box with large opening for all cat sizes

The Catit SmartSift is comfortably spacious for cats of all sizes. It is hooded for your cat’s optimal privacy, and its wide entrance comes with a paw-friendly swinging door, which can be removed as needed.

Litter box with paw-friendly removable swinging door and hood for privacy

Excellent features to monitor litter, prevent litter tracking and odors

Wide-access door to replenish cat litter

Sealed design with wide access

Need to replenish your cat’s litter? Just lift the door for wide access. The Catit Smartsift’s sealed design also helps keep your home free of litter tracking and dust.

Top clear-view window to monitor litter

Easy litter management

The Catit Smartsift has a clear-view window at the top that enables you to keep an eye on the amount of litter inside.

Built-in slot for carbon filter at the top

Replaceable carbon filter

The Catit Smartsift has a built-in slot for a carbon filter that absorbs unpleasant odors. Replacement carbon filters are sold separately. 


Product Info

Catit Smartsift – #50685

Product Features

Noiseless litter refresh system with lever
Pull-out waste drawer for easy disposal
Large entrance with removable swinging door and suitable for all cat sizes
Easy-access maintenance door to add new litter
Built-in carbon filter to remove odors, for optimal ventilation
Clear-view top window to monitor litter
Includes 2 liners for the litter box and waste bin
Made of BPA-free materials
Suitable for all clumping litter

For help with your Catit Smartsift, please see our Help & Advice page.

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