Catit Cat Carrier – Getting Started

How do I (dis)assemble my Catit Cat Carrier?

Follow the instructions of the diagram or the video below to correctly assemble your Catit Cat Carrier.

Catit Cat Carrier Assembly Instructions



How do I set up my Catit Cat Carrier for air travel/public transport?

For public modes of transport, it is necessary to permanently assemble the top to the base by the use of screws (#6-32, min. 1 1/2″ L) or heavy-duty plastic cable ties (3/16″, min. 5″L). As well, the use of a padlock to firmly secure the door during travel is also required. Before travelling, it is always recommended that you contact your public transport carrier for information on specific requirements.

Catit Cat Carrier Permanent Assembly Instructions

In the diagrams above, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to install your Cat Carrier. Need some extra information? Please download the instruction manual.