Catit Catnip

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#50107, #50753, #44770-44776

Directions for use

Catit Dried Catnip / Catit Dried Catnip & Silvervine Mix

Rub a pinch of catnip between your fingers to release the aroma. Insert into Catit toys and sprinkle in places where you wish to encourage your cat to play! Keep the packaging closed to preserve freshness.

Catit Catnip Spray

Shake well before use. Hold pump 20-25cm (8-10 inches) from the object being sprayed. Spray on Catit toys and in places where you wish to encourage your cat to play!

Catit Catnip Bubbles

Dip the wand into the bottle and stir gently. Take the wand out and blow bubbles in your cat’s direction.

Safety information

Catit Catnip products are not meant for human consumption. Although these products are not meant for your cat to ingest like a treat, ingestion of a small quantity will not be harmful. For further information, contact our customer service department.


Catit Dried Catnip (#50107, #44770, #44771, #44772)
100% Canadian Catnip Leaves & Flowers

Catit Dried Catnip & Silvervine Mix (#44774)
Canadian Catnip Leaves & Flowers, (80%), Silvervine Powder (20%)

Catit Catnip Bubbles (#44776)
Water, Bubble Mix, Vegetable Glycerin, Canadian Catnip Oil

Catit Catnip Spray (#50753)
Concentrated extract of pure catnip