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    Important: Always unplug or disconnect the Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container from the electrical supply with dry hands whenever the device is being installed, maintained or handled. 

    Do not clean the top lid using water, as this may damage the electrical components inside. Use a dry to very slightly damp cloth only. Do not attempt to clean or remove the foam protection cap, as this prevents food particles from entering the air inlets of the device. 

    Ensure the rubber sealing ring in the top lid and the rim of the container are clean and free of debris or food particles, as these may prevent the device from creating a vacuum seal. 

    Cleaning the PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container

    The food reservoir and scoop can be cleaned with running water under the tap. Use a soft sponge or cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent (like dishwasher soap). Rinse thoroughly. Always ensure each part is completely dry before reassembling the Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container.