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Catit Spinning Bee
Catit Spinning Bee
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Catit Spinning Bee

Interactive, spinning laser toy with bee and treat compartment

At the push of a button, the Catit Spinning Bee will start to rotate rapidly, sending out laser beams for your cat to chase after, and dropping cat treats as a reward. Great for highly interactive and rewarding playtime.

Spinning bee for a happy, rewarding playtime!

Cute as can ‘bee’ – the Catit Spinning Bee is a high-energy spinning cat toy featuring a replaceable bee accessory, safe laser beam, and built-in compartment to fill with your cat’s favorite treats.

Catit Spinning Bee video

1. Spinning ball with captivating bumblebee for cats to paw at

The Catit Spinning Bee has a brightly colored bumblebee on top, which will cheerily spin along as the toy buzzes around. The bee’s vivid colors, transparent blue wings and rapid movement will stimulate any cat to play. 

The bee accessory and the toy’s batteries are easy to replace as needed.

Cats captivated by brightly colored and moving bumblebee
Cat playing with bumblebee toy
Cat pawing at bumblebee toy

2. Cat toy with laser beam to chase endlessly

Cats love a good chase. Once activated, the Catit Spinning Bee will send out intermittent laser beams for your cat to chase as the toy spins around crazily. 

Spinning cat toy with laser beams
Spinning Bee drops treats while moving

3. Drops treats to reward your cat’s active play

This amusing ball toy has a built-in bottom compartment which you can fill with your cat’s preferred dry food or treats. As the toy is whirling around and batted at by your cat, the bite-sized treats will randomly drop from the Catit Spinning Bee for your cat’s enjoyment.  

Technical specifications

Product Info

Catit Spinning Bee – #43165

Product Features

Yellow-blue colored plastic ball
Sends out recurrent class 2 laser beams (Wavelength: 630-680nm)
Includes replaceable bee accessory
Features built-in treat compartment (treats not included)
Requires two replaceable double AA batteries (not included)
Features ON/OFF button
Max. output: <1mW

For help with your Catit Spinning Bee, please see our Help & Advice page.