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Before creating your cat’s customized meal plan, download the free mobile Catit PIXI app and set up your 6-meal Feeder. Please find the detailed steps in our Quick Start Guide.

Step 1: Decide on which food(s) to feed your cat

The Catit PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder conveniently allows you to put in all kinds of cat food – not just dry food, but also wet food and treats. This makes feeding your cat a varied diet much easier. 

Consider what you are currently feeding your cat, and at which times, to figure out their feeding pattern. If you’re not sure, check if what they are being served makes for a complete and healthy daily diet.

Step 2: Determine the number of meals to feed your cat

Once you’ve chosen what should be part of your cat’s daily meal plan, you can divide the food over a certain number of meals, in any combination or order. As the feeding tray consists of 6 compartments, the feeder allows you to serve your feline up to 6 meals a day. 

Feed your cat up to 6 varied meals with wet food, dry food or treats

Step 3: Manage your cat’s meal portions

As you load the feeder with a certain amount of food per compartment, it’s easy to monitor how much of their portions your cat has eaten at the end of the day. To prevent your cat from binging or overeating, you can choose to include smaller amounts of food per compartment.

Cat eating from served meal in PIXI 6-meal feeder feeding tray compartment

Step 4: Schedule your cat’s 24-hour feeding plan in the PIXI app

The Catit PIXI app (which is free to use and download) allows you to set a serving time for each of your cat’s meals. The feeding tray inside of the feeder will rotate with each meal, and serve your cat’s daily food and treats as scheduled in the app. 

At the end of the feeding schedule (a 24-hour cycle), you only need to refill the feeding tray with food for the feeder to get back to work. Your schedule will automatically repeat itself daily. You can easily check and adjust your cat’s mealtimes whenever you’d like, from anywhere, using the app.

Tip: For a step-by-step guide on scheduling your cat’s feeding plan in the Catit PIXI app, check our Catit PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder App Walkthrough.

Scheduling meals in Catit PIXI app