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Insert batteries

To open the Catit PIXI Spinner, hold the bottom as you twist the fabric cover counterclockwise.
(New toys can be quite tight – check these tips if you need a bit of extra leverage).
Next, pull back the tab to open the battery compartment and insert three AAA-batteries (not included with the toy) with the correct polarity (+ and -). Replace the cover to close the battery compartment. 

Power on!

Don’t forget to turn on the Catit PIXI Spinner using the black ON/OFF switch, located next to the battery compartment inside of the toy. When powered on, the Catit PIXI Spinner will automatically enter standby mode when left inactive, and start back up again when played with. Screw the top back on until you hear it lock into place.

Attach the wand

To insert the wand, you only need to slide it into the top opening. As you do so, ensure the prongs and ridges of the wand and the top opening are properly aligned. To remove, simply pull the wand back out. 

Note that the wand accessory was developed to release when exposed to too much pressure during play, preventing potential injury.

Add some tasty dry food or treats (optional)

The Catit PIXI Spinner can dispense dry cat food or treats of up to 0.4 inch (9mm) in size. Adding treats is of course optional, but could be a good incentive for couch-loving cats to get up and play. To insert treats, twist open the toy and fill the bottom compartment up to the lowest ring-shaped marking. 

Tips for easy opening & closing

Fresh out of the packaging, the Catit PIXI Spinner is new and tight, so it may not open or close quite as easily for some – but not to worry. It quickly gets easier with use, and all it takes is a simple trick.

To open the bottom compartment:

Take a pen and insert it into the opening in the bottom compartment of the Catit PIXI Spinner.
Make sure to insert the pen to the left of the pin that sits inside the toy

Insert the pen as deeply as you can while holding tightly onto the fabric part.
Next, turn the pen to the left until you feel the snap release along with a clicking sound.
At this point, you can remove the pen and continue to twist the bottom compartment until the toy is open.

Important: Do not apply excessive force to avoid damaging the snap.

opening the PIXI Spinner

To close the bottom compartment:

Simply screw the bottom compartment back on until you hear and feel it lock into place. (When locked, the Catit logo should sit aligned with the ears and LED nose of the toy)