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Apr. 22, 2021


The Crunch Muncher

Can you hear your cat enjoy their treats from miles away? Is your floof obsessed with crunchy, pillow-shaped treats filled with delicious goodness? You have got yourself a true Crunch Muncher kitty that will adore Catit Nibbly Crispy! These puffy snacks are packed with high-quality meat and are tray-baked for a non-sticky feel and that extra powerful crunch. Catit Nibbly Crispy comes in 3 tasty varieties: chicken, chicken & liver, and salmon.

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The Crunch Muncher
Catit Nibbly Crispy


The Gentle Gourmand

Does your cat prefer soft treats over harder ones? Do they have a hard time chewing regular treats, though they’re just as eager to get hold of a snack as any kitty? Your Gentle Gourmand will be thrilled with Catit Nibbly Grills! These delicious treats come in thin strips that look like bacon, taste just as amazing, and are super easy to chew. In addition, they are low in calories and easy to digest. Catit Nibbly Grills come in 3 delicious flavours: scallop, shrimp, and lobster.

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Catit Nibbly Grills
The Gentle Gourmand


The Savoury Chewer

Part of a cat’s most distinctive features are a fine set of razor-sharp teeth. Does your feline love to use them for chewing on meaty treats to get all the flavour out? Your Savoury Chewer will go nuts for Catit Nibbly Jerky! These delicious strips come in 2 different textures and flavours that will have your cat purring with pleasure! All you have to do is decide on the chicken recipe, or chicken & fish recipe… or just grab both!

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The Savoury Chewer
Catit Nibbly Jerky


The Savage Shredder

Is your cat a miniature tiger, always on the hunt for a wild snack to devour? Does your ferocious feline love to tear their prey to pieces? Then your Savage Shredder will go crazy for Catit Nibbly Wraps! These super chewy treats combine the best of land and sea: delicious anchovies wrapped in tender chicken breast. Your cat will feel like a true predator devouring their prey!

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Catit Nibbly Wraps
The Savage Shredder