Catit Groovy Fish

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Getting Started

Thank you for your purchase!
Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started with your Catit Groovy Fish.

I’ve unboxed my Catit Groovy Fish, what do I do next?

1. Fully charge the toy using the USB cable supplied.
2. Open the fabric cover by pulling apart the hook-and-loop strips and ensure a catnip bag is inserted into the inner side pocket.
3. Flip the switch on the mechanism to turn on the toy. Close the fabric cover.
4. The Catit Groovy Fish is ready to be played with!

(For more information, please refer to the instruction manual.)

Catit Groovy Fish instructions

How long until the toy is fully charged and how can I tell it’s done charging?

It takes about one hour to fully charge the battery. While the toy is plugged into a power source, open the fabric cover and look at the LED light on the battery. If the LED is red, the toy is still charging. A green LED means the toy is fully charged.


Which type of battery is included and is it rechargeable?

The Catit Groovy Fish contains a lithium-ion battery with 500mAh capacity and 5V charging voltage. The battery is USB-rechargeable and a USB cable is included with the product.

Where do I insert the catnip bag?

Look for the hook-and-loop strip opening on the Groovy Fish cover. Through here you can insert a catnip bag in the inner pocket. The Catit Groovy Fish comes with 2 catnip bags (one pre-inserted), so you have a replacement ready once the scent has worn off. Take care to only insert catnip in a closed bag into the pocket on the side. Putting in loose catnip can damage the mechanism as well as the electronics.


How do I clean the Catit Groovy Fish?

Please note that the mechanism that makes the fish move is not waterproof, so if the toy is dropped in water, the electronics will get damaged. To clean the fabric cover, please remove it from the mechanism and hand-wash it at 30°C / 86°F. Allow the cover to fully dry before reassembling the toy.