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Here, you’ll find all the information you need to get started with your Catit Senses Ball Dome.

Which batteries does the Catit Senses Ball Dome use?

The Catit Ball Dome requires 2 standard AA batteries. Make sure to only use alkaline or rechargeable batteries, and do not mix different types or brands.

How do I teach my cat to use the Catit Senses Ball Dome?

Don’t worry if the Ball Dome doesn’t become your cat’s new favourite toy straight away. Most cats take some time getting used to their new toy. Eventually, they will become curious and will go near the Ball Dome. There are however some things you can do to make the Ball Dome more appealing to your cat.

  • Place a small bell inside the ball
  • Apply catnip spray on a cloth and put it inside the ball. (Never use catnip herbs inside the Ball Dome as they can jam the motor)
  • Insert a Catit Senses Fireball (#43160) into the Ball Dome
  • Do not insert treats into the ball. Treats and food are a hunting reward, and your cat should always be able to eat the food in the end.
  • Move the Ball Dome to a different spot in your house.


How can I remove the ball from the Catit Senses Ball Dome?

Simply hold the Catit Senses Ball Dome upside down, move it around a little if needed, and the ball will fall right out.

What is the difference between sensor mode and continuous mode?

When the toy is set to continuous mode, it will continue to work until you turn it off or the batteries run out. When you move the slider to sensor mode, the Ball Dome will be activated when your cat walks past the sensor. After 25 seconds, the toy will go into sleep mode, and will only start working again when the sensors detect motion nearby.

How do I switch between continuous and sensor mode?

When the slider on top of your Ball Dome sits in the middle, the toy is switched off. Move the slider to the right for continuous mode, or to the left for sensor mode.

Where are the motion sensors located on the Catit Senses Ball Dome?

The Ball Dome has two motion sensors. When you rotate the toy so the Catit logo faces you, you can find 2 small holes on the sides of the Ball Dome, at 90° from the logo – one on the left, and one on the right. That’s where the sensors are located.

My Catit Senses Ball Dome jams, though nothing is stuck in it. What can I do?

If the plate no longer moves but you can hear that the motor is operational, please replace the batteries. With a fresh pair of batteries, your Ball Dome will be good as new!

Can my cat use the Catit Senses Ball Dome without green cover?

No – please do not ever let your cat use the Ball Dome without the cover. Your cat might try to put their paw underneath the tilting plate, and could potentially injure themselves or damage the product.


How do I clean the Catit Senses Ball Dome?

The Catit Senses Ball Dome is not dishwasher safe. Never immerse the toy in water or clean it with water, as this can damage the electronic components. Simply use a damp or dry cloth to wipe the Ball Dome clean. Having a hard time reaching the inside of the Catit Senses Ball Dome? You can remove the green cover by following the exact steps below. The plate cannot be removed, so please make sure that you don’t get any items stuck underneath it.

In order to remove the Ball Dome cover, please make sure to follow the exact steps below to prevent damage:

NOTE: while you will have to apply slight pressure in order to remove the cover, always be gentle! If you feel like the cover will not come off, please stop applying pressure to prevent the plastic from getting damaged.

We show you how it’s done in a helpful instruction video

  1. Look for the tab on the cover that is located closest to one of the top openings.
  2. Place 2 or 3 fingers on the green rim of the cover, above the tab, while inserting your thumb in the top opening and placing it against the roof of the cover.
  3. Hold the Ball Dome against your body for added stability.
  4. Firmly, but gently, push against the rim of the cover with your fingers, while pulling the cover up with your thumb.

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