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The Catit Senses Ball Dome is not dishwasher safe. Never immerse the toy in water or clean it with water, as this can damage the electronic components. Simply use a damp or dry cloth to wipe the Ball Dome clean. Having a hard time reaching the inside of the Catit Senses Ball Dome? You can remove the green cover by following the exact steps below. The plate cannot be removed, so please make sure that you don’t get any items stuck underneath it.

In order to remove the Ball Dome cover, please make sure to follow the exact steps below to prevent damage:

NOTE: while you will have to apply slight pressure in order to remove the cover, always be gentle! If you feel like the cover will not come off, please stop applying pressure to prevent the plastic from getting damaged.

We show you how it’s done in a helpful instruction video

  1. Look for the tab on the cover that is located closest to one of the top openings.
  2. Place 2 or 3 fingers on the green rim of the cover, above the tab, while inserting your thumb in the top opening and placing it against the roof of the cover.
  3. Hold the Ball Dome against your body for added stability.
  4. Firmly, but gently, push against the rim of the cover with your fingers, while pulling the cover up with your thumb.

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