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Catit Cat Carrier

Collapsible cat carrier with multi-purpose top

Take your cat anywhere with the Catit Cat Carrier. Thanks to the convenient side latch system and top petting door, you can visit the vet or go on a trip in comfort. Available in two sizes and three colors.

Travel with your cat… in style!

The Catit Cat Carrier helps keep your cat comfortable and safe while on the go. With its sleek yet practical design, the carrier is both user-friendly and stylish. This cat carrier comes in three elegant colors.

Multiple features to maximize your cat’s comfort during travel

The Catit Cat Carrier was carefully designed for your cat’s comfort, making sure they can travel in clean and well-ventilated conditions, even if it is only for a short trip to the vet.

Great airflow for more comfortable travels with your cat


Well-ventilated carrier

Thanks to optimal ventilation and airflow, your cat will more likely stay at ease while traveling in their carrier.

Skid-resistant bottom with gutter to collect urine or food spills

base with collection gutter

Pleasant travel in clean conditions

A trip can get bumpy at times. This cat travel basket is designed with skid-resistant bottom to help prevent your cat from slipping, and a collection gutter to direct any urine or spilled cat food away from your cat.

Latch with removable food and water dish at the top
Top petting door

Multi-purpose carrier top

The Catit Cat Carrier has a unique top with built-in petting door and latch with removable food and water dish.

Top handle for car seatbelt

The top handle can be used to secure the carrier with a seatbelt. Simply loop the seatbelt through the handle and you’re ready for a cat-friendly car ride!

Secure cat carrier with side latch system for easy assembly

The Catit Cat Carrier is easy to assemble and collapse back down for storage. It also has a convenient side latch system with safety lock keeping everything securely in place. Before traveling with your cat, it is recommended to contact your public transport service or airline for specific requirements and regulations. 

Please see our Help & Advice page for a guide on how to assemble your Catit Cat Carrier.

Side latch system with safety lock

Two carrier sizes to meet your cat’s needs

Two carrier sizes

We recommend selecting a Catit cat carrier based on your cat’s full-grown adult size, ensuring there is enough room in the carrier for them to stand up when they reach adulthood.

The Small Catit Carrier is intended for cats with a maximum height of 24 cm (9.5 in); the Medium Catit Carrier is best suited for cats with a maximum height of 27 cm (10.5 in). This height is measured from the top of your cat’s head to the bottom of their front paws.

Colorful cat carriers for safe and stylish trips!

Carrier comes in three colors


Product Info

Catit Cat Carrier SMALL
Cherry Red – #41380
Turquoise – #41381
Blue-Gray – #41382

Catit Cat Carrier MEDIUM
Cherry Red – #41383
Turquoise – #41384
Blue-Gray – #41385


Catit Cat Carrier SMALL
48,3 x 32,6 x 28 cm / 19 x 12.8 x 11 in (LxWxH)

Catit Cat Carrier MEDIUM 
56,5 x 37,6 x 30,8 cm / 22 x 14.8 x 12 in (LxWxH)

Suitability for Cats

Catit Cat Carrier SMALL – for cats up to 24 cm / 9.5 in tall*
Catit Cat Carrier MEDIUM – for cats up to 27 cm / 10.5 in tall*
*Measured from the top of the cat’s head to the bottom of their front paws.

Product Features

Easy to assemble (option to assemble permanently)
Collapsible for storage
Side-latch door with safety lock
Skid-resistant bottom with gutter for waste collection
Optimal ventilation
Top petting door
Includes feeding dish
Top handle for carrying
Can be secured in the car with seatbelt
Check specific requirements with your local public transport service or airline before travel

For help with your Catit Cat Carrier, please see our Help & Advice page.

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