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Catit Fountain Accessories

Get the most out of your Catit drinking fountain

Keep your cat’s drinking fountain in optimal condition with our fountain cleaning set. Our range of Catit fountain accessories also includes convenient Catit placemats to catch food and water spills.

Catit Fountain Cleaning Set

Keep your Catit drinking fountain and its pump in optimal condition with our dedicated Catit Fountain Cleaning Set. This maintenance set for our drinking fountains includes three cleaning tools: two brushes and a sponge.

The hard bristle brush with fine tip helps you to easily access small areas that can be harder to get to. The small impeller brush can be used to clean the impeller shaft and blades. The flower-shaped cleaning sponge offers two different textures and a wavy surface to suit your cleaning needs.

Fountain cleaning set with three cleaning tools
Cleaning the Catit Flower Fountain with hard bristle brush
Using the small impeller brush to clean the impeller shaft and blades
Cleaning the motor of the Flower Fountain with hard bristle brush

Catit Peanut Placemat

Grey Peanut Placemat with cat drinking from Flower Fountain

This peanut-shaped Catit placemat for drinking fountains includes a stainless steel feeding dish, and is available in green as well as gray to perfectly match your Catit drinking fountain. The flexible silicone is of food-grade quality and feels pleasantly soft to your cat’s paws.

Grey Peanut Placemat is easy to remove for cleaning

Easy to clean

Simply remove the dish from its holder for filling or cleaning. Both dish and placemat are dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Peanut Placemat feeding dish has a whisker stress-free design

Whisker stress-free design

The feeding dish has a shallow design as to not touch your cat’s sensitive whiskers during mealtime.

Catit Peanut Placemat size

Ideal size

The Catit Peanut placemat was designed to be the perfect size for use with Catit drinking fountains.

Catit Flower Placemat

Grey Flower Placemat with cat eating from feeding dish

This silicone Catit placemat is adorably flower-shaped and available in a dashing green or stylish gray color.

Catit Flower Placemat with hanging loop for storing or drying

Hanging loop

Use the convenient loop to hang your Catit fountain placemat for storing or drying.

Green flower placemat matches with Catit Flower Fountains & Multi Feeder

Pretty and versatile

Have fun mixing and matching your Catit drinking fountain or dishes with this adorable placemat.

Catit Flower placemat size

Ideal size

The Catit Flower placemat is just the right size for Catit drinking fountains and feeding dishes.


Product Info

Catit Fountain Cleaning Set – #44020

Catit Peanut Placemat
Grey – #44013
Green – #44012
Catit Flower Placemat
Grey – #44011
Green – #44010


Catit Peanut Placemat: 17.5 x 11.4 in / 44,5 x 29 cm
Catit Flower Placemat: diameter 11.8 in / 30 cm

Product Features

Made of food-grade silicone
Soft and flexible
Perfectly fits Catit drinking fountains
With hanging loop for storage or drying

Cleaning set:
Includes hard bristle brush with fine tip, impeller brush and dual-textured sponge