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Multi Feeder
Catit Multi Feeder
Catit Multi Feeder

Catit Multi Feeder

Ergonomic slow feeder with built-in cup

The Catit Multi Feeder encourages your cat to gradually paw out small portions of dry food from the cup at the center. It features an elevated, whisker-friendly dish and built-in storage space for your cat’s food.

Slow and self-controlled mealtimes

The Catit Multi Feeder helps your cat pace themselves during mealtimes, rather than quickly gobbling down their food. This slow feeder stimulates your cat to eat over an extended period resulting in a healthier meal.

Catit Multi Feeder video

Slow feeder that encourages self-controlled feeding and helps prevent bingeing

The Catit Multi Feeder has a unique design with built-in cup that you can fill with dry cat food or treats. As the food is just within your cat’s reach, they’ll feel naturally inclined to paw out bits of food at a healthy pace, keeping them from binge eating. 

Slow feeder for cats with cup to paw out food or treats
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Cat feeder with elevated surface and whisker-friendly design

Ergonomic and whisker-friendly design for an enjoyable meal

The Multi Feeder is specially designed to be easy on cat’s sensitive whiskers. The sides are lower than your average bowl and the eating surface has been raised to help your cat nibble in a comfortable position.

Convenient inner storage space for cat food and treats

It’s possible to store your cat’s food and treats inside of the Catit Multi Feeder. Thanks to this handy storage capacity, your cat’s food is within arm’s reach for easy refills.

Stored cat food and treats in packaging
Stored dry cat food
Adding some of the stored cat treats or food to the cup

Beautiful pair: Multi Feeder & Flower Fountain

The Catit Multi Feeder matches the Catit Flower Fountain perfectly.

Catit Multi Feeder & Catit Flower Fountain are great together


Product Info

Multi Feeder – #43741


7.6 x 5.3 x 7.6 in / 19.3 x 13.4 x 19.3 cm (WxHxL)
Weight: 0.93 lbs / 0.42 kg

Product features

Stimulates natural self-controlled feeding and helps prevent binge eating
Ergonomic design with built-in cup for dry food
Elevated, whisker-friendly dish
Inner storage space for foods and treats
Matches the Catit Flower Fountain
Made of BPA-free materials
Easy to disassemble and clean

For help with your Catit Multi Feeder, please see our Help & Advice page.

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