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Nov. 30, 2023

Selkirk Rex

Meet the kitty that always looks as if they just got out of bed: the Selkirk Rex. This friendly, laid-back feline has a wooly coat with unstructured curls that feel super soft to the touch. Due to their thick coat that almost resembles sheep’s wool from afar, the Selkirk Rex is known to shed a lot, and therefore isn’t the best breed for people with asthma or cat allergies. The Selkirk Rex comes in a myriad of colors and coat lengths and due to their gentle nature, they make a great family pet.


Looking at their wavy fur, it isn’t hard to guess where this feline got their name from. The LaPerm is a relatively athletic-looking cat with a wavy or curly coat that is lighter and airier than that of the Selkirk Rex. A major bonus to the LaPerm is that these cats produce less of the protein that causes allergic reactions in humans, which gives the LaPerm the reputation of being almost hypoallergenic. If you are looking for an elegant kitty with an active and outgoing personality that loves to chase feathers and isn’t too likely to trigger allergies, the LaPerm might be just the cat for you.

Devon Rex

Meet the cheeky monkey of the bunch: the Devon Rex. These cats’ appearance is truly out of this world. Thanks to their super short curly coat, big oval eyes and huge ears that sit low on their broad head, the Devon Rex looks a little like a pixie or even an alien! Devon Rex cats are incredibly mischievous and are known for their tendency to jump up on surfaces and steal your food. While these highly intelligent cats can be a handful, they are definitely worth adding to your family. Devon Rex cats are cute, affectionate, cheeky, and nearly hypoallergenic.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is the most athletic of the Rex breeds. While the average cat’s coat consists of 3 layers – down hair, awn hair and guard hair – the Cornish Rex only has down hair, which is the layer that in other cats makes up the undercoat. This means these kitties with their short curly coat are best kept indoors. Just like hairless cats, the Cornish Rex has the tendency to curl up to you to steal your body heat. Are you looking for a very intelligent and adventurous yet cuddly cat with a curly, nearly hypoallergenic coat? Then the Cornish Rex will be right up your alley!