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What to do before you use your placemat?

We recommend cleaning the placemat before use. Simply set the placemat down in a cat-friendly area on your floor or countertop, and put your cat’s feeding dish or drinking fountain on top. If your placemat came with a stainless steel dish, insert it into the holder before filling it with food or water.

Is the placemat food-grade?

Catit Placemats are made of soft, food-grade silicone that is pleasant to your cat’s touch.

Are the Catit placemats BPA-free?

Yes, the placemats are of food-grade quality and entirely BPA-free!

How do I remove the stainless steel dish?

The Catit Peanut Placemat includes a stainless steel dish that can be removed from the placemat simply by lifting it up.

How do I clean the Catit placemat?

The placemat (and its stainless steel dish, if one was included with your product) can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, with warm water, using a soft sponge and dishwashing soap. Never use aggressive detergents or an abrasive sponge. The hanging loop makes it easy to dry or put away the placemat.