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Once you have set up your Catit PIXI Smart device and paired it to your Catit PIXI app using our Quick Start Guide, you can choose to enable smartphone notifications.

Keep on reading to learn how to do so, or jump to a topic using these links:

1. Enable notifications in your smartphone’s settings

For iPhone: Go to your smartphone settings and scroll all the way down to the last section of the page, until you see the PIXI app. Select the app to manage notifications and choose in which places you want them to appear.

For Android: Go to your phone settings. Next, tap Apps & notifications > See all apps. Scroll down to find the PIXI app. After you tap the PIXI icon, you can allow notifications. Important: Settings can vary between phone types. For more info, contact your device manufacturer.

2. Notifications index

Would you like to know what kind of messages to expect from your Catit PIXI
Smart Device? Here is a list of notifications per product:

Catit PIXI Smart Fountain

  • Water level alert – lets you know when the fountain is running low on water or has run empty and needs refilling. Message repeats every 4 hours until the water is topped up.
  • Filter replacement alert* – lets you know when to replace the filter (every 30 days).
  • Pump maintenance alert* – helps remind you to clean the pump (every 60 days). 

Catit PIXI Smart Feeder 

  • Meal served – lets you know a meal has been successfully served.
  • Food refill alert – notifies you when the food level is below 10% of total reservoir capacity. 
  • Obstruction alert – alerts you when the feeder is jammed. 

Catit PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder 

  • Feeding successful – lets you know a meal has been successfully served.
  • Obstruction alert – alerts you when the feeding tray was obstructed briefly, by a cat’s paw for example, and will turn again in 60 seconds.
  • Meal not served alert – notifies you when the feeder is unable to resolve an obstruction after 3 alerts and the meal couldn’t be served. Please check the feeding tray.
  • Low power alert – lets you know when the device is low on power. Please check if the device is plugged in or replace the batteries.

* Manually reset the counter in your PIXI app once you have replaced the filter or cleaned the fountain pump.

3. View history

For an overview of all recent notifications, select ‘Messages’ in the app.

View history

4. Q&A


Can I get selected notifications? 
At this time, it’s not possible to choose which notification you want to receive and which not. You either receive all notifications or none.


Just now I received multiple notifications for one meal served, why is that? 
This only occurs when your internet connection is unstable. Even though you received multiple notifications, the meal only has been served once, as scheduled. 

My Catit PIXI Smart Feeder’s food reservoir is nearly empty (less than 10% of full capacity), but this is not mentioned in the app and I’m not getting any notifications on my phone? 
First, make sure notifications for the PIXI app are enabled in your phone settings. Fun fact: cat food contains various oils that can accumulate on the sensor window over time, blocking it. Simply remove all food from the reservoir and clean the sensor window, which is located near the bottom. Next, place the reservoir back onto the motor block, but don’t fill it just yet. Wait for a few minutes until the PIXI app informs you that the feeder is out of food. Now that you’re sure that the sensor as well as the notifications work just fine, fill the reservoir with dry food and screw the lid back on.