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Cat superfoods – Kale offers a natural power boost

With its beautiful, curly, green or purple leaves, kale is a natural beauty. But, did you know that this plant has nutritional benefits, for humans …

Cat superfoods – Quinoa as a powerful gluten-free nutrient

If you’re looking for a way to give your cat a nutritious boost, quinoa is the way to go. Read on to discover the benefits …

Cat superfoods – Wakame as a tasty health booster

Wakame is a species of kelp that has been used for centuries in dishes from East Asia. The plant, which is sometimes called ‘sea mustard’, …

Cat superfoods – Spirulina algae as a healthful ingredient in cat food

While spirulina has been around for ages, it was only recently introduced in pet food. See how this nutritious superfood can benefit your feline.

Cat superfoods – Coconut for a rich, tropical touch

The scent and taste of coconut instantaneously bring us in a summer mood, but did you know that coconut can make a difference for your …

Cat superfoods – Chia seeds to support your cat’s wellbeing

While chia seeds are tiny, they pack a ton of healthful nutrients that can benefit your cat’s welfare. Learn more about this superfood below.