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1. About the litter

Since the litter is based on pea husks, is it edible?

Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter is made from raw, plant-based and food-grade materials, but like any other litter, it is not meant for consumption. Even though the litter is non-toxic, we always recommend contacting your veterinarian in case of ingestion.

Besides pea husks, what is this litter made of?

Besides natural pea husks, our litter is composed of raw, food-grade materials such as starch, corn powder, and guar gum, which function as natural clumping agents.

Is this litter scented?

Yes, both litter varieties are subtly scented to neutralise the naturally sour odor of their ingredients. One is subtly vanilla-scented, the other is lavender-scented.

Is this litter suitable for cats with allergies?

This litter is very low in dust, which reduces the amount of allergens and thus the chance of allergic reactions tremendously. However, if your cat has specific health issues, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian.

The lavender-scented litter has a purple color – is that safe?

Yes, in fact, the litter is dyed with a food-grade pigment.

2. Usage of the litter

How long will one box of litter last for?

On average, a box of Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter will last 60 days in a single-cat household. But of course this depends on the size of your litter box, the number and size of the cats using it, and how much they’re drinking.

How often should I scoop the litter?

Scooping once a day is recommended for the best results.

3. Recycling the litter

Can I flush this litter down the toilet?

Our pea husk litter can be flushed down the toilet (if allowed by state and local authorities) in small quantities and with an amount of water proportionate to the waste outlet and plumbing.