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Place the green cylinder on top of the white base. Rotate the cylinder clockwise to fix it onto the base. Next add dry food, treats, or small toys to the discs inside the Food Tree. Finally, cover the Food Tree with the white lid.
Alternatively, you can refer to the instruction sheet.

How do I change the difficulty settings on the Catit Senses Food Tree?

The bottom disc inside the Food Tree is made up of a white top layer and a grey bottom layer. The white layer can be twisted to the left or right to make the holes either bigger or smaller.

How do I teach my cat to use the Catit Senses Food Tree?

Your cat will be more inclined to use the Catit Senses Food Tree if they don’t have access to other food sources. Try introducing the toy to your cat when they’re a bit hungry, or placing their favorite treats inside as extra incentive.

Most cats get used to the Food Tree in a few days time. If you find that its presence confuses or scares your cat, put the product away for a few days and try reintroducing it to your cat in a different spot.