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Sep. 28, 2021

Why and when should I get my male cat neutered?

Male cats are typically neutered just before reaching sexual maturity, at the age of 6 to 7 months. By having the procedure done before your cat is ready to mate, they are less likely to develop problematic behavior such as spraying, roaming, or fighting other cats. Most unwanted behavior in male cats is driven by testosterone, and by removing the very source of this hormone before it becomes active, your male cat will never learn to behave badly in the first place. Another reason for getting your cat neutered is of course to prevent unwanted litters. No matter how cute kittens are, there are already thousands of little sweeties waiting to be adopted at shelters.

Neutering sounds dangerous. Is it though?

We understand that having your beloved pet sedated for surgery can be scary. Luckily, we can put you at ease: neutering surgery is a simple routine procedure for any vet and the risk of complications is very small. Neutering a male cat is much easier and less invasive than spaying a female cat, so your furry friend will probably be able to go home on the same day you bring him in.

Cat with veterinary

Will getting my cat neutered make him fat?

You often hear that male cats will gain weight after their testicles are removed as they will become less (sexually) active, but there is little scientific evidence to support this claim. However, male cats that are neutered after reaching full sexual maturity usually look a bit different from cats that were neutered when they were still younger. Those neutered at a later age will look fluffier, and therefore fatter. This is because these males had a chance to develop secondary sex characteristics: they are heavier set, have fuller, fluffier faces and are more likely to retain a sex drive.

When should I get my female cat spayed?

Female cats can be safely sterilized at the age of 5 to 7 months. Some vets may recommend the procedure at an even earlier age in order to have your female cat spayed before they enter their first heat. Why beat the heat? Because doing so will reduce the risk of uterine and mammary cancers and infections.

Is spaying a dangerous procedure?

Spaying isn’t exactly a dangerous procedure as vets perform this surgery multiple times a month. It is however true that spaying is more invasive than neutering, as sometimes the entire uterus is removed to prevent future complications. Cats that are brought to the vet to be spayed may have to spend a night at the clinic while the sedation wears off.

Cat recovering

Will spaying or neutering leave my cat depressed?

Don’t worry, not having babies will not make your feline sad, as cats don’t have complex ideas about sex and reproduction like humans do. This means that there is no real benefit to letting your feline have one litter before getting them spayed. In fact, a pregnancy will put your cat at risk for medical complications and taking care of a litter can be exhausting for a young cat. In conclusion, don’t hesitate to get your cat spayed or neutered if you’re in doubt, since there are already way too many poor cats waiting for a forever home in a shelter or on the streets.