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Jun. 16, 2022

Prevent the Catit Flower Fountain from overflowing

The mesh that sits atop the Catit Flower Fountain filters consists of thousands of tiny air pockets. While these minuscule openings make for excellent filtration, the air inside them could prevent the water from flowing through properly, causing the fountain to overflow. To ensure your fountain won’t flood your house, thoroughly rinse the filter under the tap after you unpack it. Next, submerge the filter in water and push down on the mesh several times so the air escapes from the pockets. Finally, place the filter inside the Catit Flower Fountain. Please be aware that dirt and cat hair that will eventually end up in the filter can clog it, too. Therefore, we strongly recommend thoroughly rinsing the filter once a week.

Rinse off excess carbon

Activated carbon particles are very small and could potentially leak from the filter. Even though they are harmless, they will turn the filter gray and might leave sediment at the bottom of the fountain. Thoroughly rinsing the filter under the tap before use will remove any excess carbon, saving you time when cleaning the fountain.

Rinse off excess carbon

Keep the filter from floating

Air inside the filter mesh pockets could keep your filter afloat. Submerging the filter in a bucket of water while pressing most air out of the mesh before inserting the new filter into your Flower Fountain will prevent the issue. Does your filter keep floating? Insert it into the filter holder upside-down and change it back to its normal position after a few days.

Keep the water from foaming

When water falls onto the filter, the air trapped inside the mesh is released, appearing as little bubbles at the edge at the fountain. You can compare it to the small bubbles that you might see at the edge of your cup of coffee. To prevent these bubbles from forming, make sure to thoroughly rinse and submerge the filter before use, expressing the air from the filter mesh.