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Action 1: Hair and dirt are captured

The triple action filtration system’s first barrier against impurities is the cotton mesh that forms the top layer of the filters. This mesh captures dirt and stray hairs that would otherwise end up in your cat’s drinking water. This fairly simple system helps keeps the water fresh for longer and makes cleaning effortless. 

Action 2: Odors are minimized

In many regions, chlorine is used to purify drinking water. Unfortunately, the odor caused by this chemical is quite pungent, especially to the sensitive nose of your feline friend. Our triple action filtration system uses the proven technology of activated carbon to reduce any unwanted odors, including those caused by chlorine or bacteria.

Action 3: Tap water is softened

Tap water naturally contains various minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When these are present in your cat’s drinking water in large quantities, they can accumulate in your feline’s lower urinary tract and lead to various health conditions. To help prevent this from happening, our triple action filtration technology uses ion exchange resin. These golden beads reduce calcium and magnesium levels, so your cat can drink tap water in peace.

Triple action filtration
PIXI Filter

Only crisp water for your cat to enjoy

Various competitors’ drinking fountains consist of a stream of water that ends up in a bowl that your cat can drink from. However, dirt can easily build up in this bowl, rendering any filtered water dirty before your cat can even drink it. With our Catit drinking fountains, your cat only has access to fresh, filtered water, which is much better for their health.

Only crisp water for your cat to enjoy

Tips for even better results

For an optimal performance, Catit filters need to be replaced every 30 days. In addition, we recommend rinsing your filter regularly to prevent a buildup of dirt in the mesh top.

Consider purchasing a Catit PIXI Smart Fountain, as this state-of-the-art fountain contains a UV-C water clarifier that effectively reduces Escherichia coli bacteria, keeping water fresh and clean for longer.

Tips for even better results