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How do cats survive a fall from great heights?

Did you ever read a story of a cat falling out of a skyscraper window and wondered how they survived? Here’s how they do it.

Do cats always land on their feet?

It’s well-known that cats have a righting reflex, but does that mean that they always land safely on their feet? Read on to find out.

How our Catit PIXI Smart Fountain’s UV-C tech benefits your cat’s health

UV-C lights have become increasingly popular as a tool to reduce pathogens around the house. We integrated this technology into our Catit PIXI Smart Fountain …

How our Catit triple action filtration system works

Allowing your cat access to unfiltered water can pose various health risks in the long run. Catit’s triple action filtration system helps prevent urinary tract …

What is ultraviolet light and how does it benefit your cat

Just like visible light, ultraviolet light is naturally emitted by the Sun. Different types of UV light have different effects on us and about a …