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What to do first?

Before assembling the Catit Mini Flower Fountain, please make sure to prepare the following components:

– disassemble and rinse the pump.
– if your pump has a water flow control slider (only present on some models), slide it to the + side for maximum capacity.

– thoroughly rinse the filter to prevent black sediment from leaking into your fountain.

Don’t forget to read the instruction manual.

How do I assemble the Catit Mini Flower Fountain?


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Please watch the video or refer to the instruction manual.

How do I remove the flower bud?

First, take the flower out of the fountain and hold it upside down. At the bottom of the flower are 3 small, yellow rims. Use a pen or screwdriver to push these rims inwards. Finally, pull the yellow flower bud upwards to remove it.

How do I remove the flower bud?