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 Before anything else, please set up your Catit PIXI Smart Feeder and pair it to your Catit PIXI app using our Quick Start Guide

Continue reading to learn about each of the app’s features, or use one of the quick-links below to jump ahead:

1. Set your cat’s feeding plan

 Open the Catit PIXI app and select your feeder. Tap ‘change feeding plan’. Here, you can add individual meals. To do so, press ‘add meal’.

Add individual meals

Determine how many portions you want to feed for this meal. Next, set a time and save.
You can schedule up to 12 meals per day, and each meal’s size can be different.

Want some help determining how many portions to feed your cat? Please have a look at this helpful article on creating a feeding plan.

Set portions

By default, your feeding plan will be active each day, and will be repeated indefinitely. To skip a certain day of the week, deselect it at the top by tapping it.

Active & Inactive days

2. Overview

This screen shows an overview of all upcoming meals. Select a different day to see the scheduled meals for that day.

Schedule overview

The app indicates which meals have been served.

Feeding Successful

3. Adjust or delete meals

Scheduled meals can be adjusted or rescheduled at any time.
To do so, press ‘change feeding plan’ and select the meal you would like to adjust.
Enter the new values and save.

Change Feeding Plan

You can delete a meal by swiping it to the left and tapping ‘delete’.

Delete a meal

4. Dispense food

There are two ways to instantly dispense food:

  • by tapping ‘Dispense food’ in the app
  • by pressing the cat nose-shaped button on the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder (button can be disabled in the Settings menu)

Both actions will instantly dispense one portion of food.

Dispense food button
Dispense food from feeder

To increase the default number of portions fed when manually dispensing food, go to ‘settings’ and set the preferred meal size.

Change meal size

When you next dispense food using the app or the cat nose-shaped button on the feeder, the newly set meal size will be served.

Note: The button on the front of your feeder can be disabled by toggling the slider in the Settings menu. If disabled, pressing this button will no longer dispense food.

Manual Feed Button on
Dispense food from feeder

5. Audio

The audio is disabled by default. With audio enabled, the feeder will play a sound each time a meal is served to notify your cat.

Sound settings

Thank you for reading!

You’re now completely up to speed on all Catit PIXI Smart Feeder app features. 

If you’d like to learn more about sharing your device with a friend or family member, please check our Quick Start Guide.
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